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The 13 most outstanding series of November | Television

Many and varied are the options that November brings in the field of the series, from thrillers and various comedies to violent action in the London underworld of Gangs of London or a review of the contemporary history of the return of The Crown. The platforms and channels come loaded with premieres in a month that is expected to be complicated in terms of confinements and in which it will be good to have reinforcements to make the confinements more bearable. Of all the premieres and comebacks of November (which you can check in our calendar), we recommend giving this selection a try.


British miniseries with luxury cast with Hugh Laurie (House), Helen McCrory (Peaky Blinders) and Sidse Babett Knudsen (Bail). The four chapters of this thriller Politicians focus on Peter Laurence, a senior UK Conservative government official who has ambition to climb further. Her life gets complicated when compromising stories from the past threaten to come to light. The protagonist faces three women, a journalist, a young woman who claims to be his daughter and a Prime Minister with whom he does not have a very good relationship. Corruption and politicians with a rather lax sense of morality in a series along House of Cards.

Where and when to see it? Premiere on Movistar Seriesmanía on November 2.

All creatures great and small

British-style escapism in a gentle drama in the Yorkshire Dales. This series is a new adaptation of the novels of the veterinarian and writer James Herriot that have already been brought to the small screen in a British television classic. Follow the adventures of a young, newly graduated veterinarian who finds work as a rural veterinarian’s assistant in a northern English town. In these complicated and uncertain times, the tranquility that transpires and even the predictability of its plots are almost therapeutic and unintentionally elicit a smile. Also, what beautiful landscapes.

Where and when to see it? On Tuesday 3 in Filmin (with dubbed and subtitled version).


Leonor Watling and Hugo Silva star in this kind of cross between comedy with a criminal background Barry the breaking of the fourth wall and the nerve of Fleabag. The protagonists are a successful divorced couple of lawyers who decide to turn their lives around and leave the murky world in which they move to set up a Russian food restaurant with a chef specializing in that cuisine. However, problems will haunt them when the Russian mafia discovers the place and they verify that they feel like they are in the mother country. The humor (quite black) arises from the delusional situations in which they are involved and from those winks at the viewer through the character of Watling. Very entertaining.

Where and when to see it? Movistar + premieres it on Friday 6 at the rate of two weekly episodes until completing the six of its first season.


The actress Ana Milan took advantage of the confinement to remember and, incidentally, entertain the staff by telling some of her most memorable anecdotes on social networks. These anecdotes will be the starting point for a comedy that mixes reality and fiction and that tells the story of an Ana Milan about to marry the love of her life and shoot a movie as the protagonist to which life surprises her with a change of course that leaves her without a wedding and without a film. We do not know many more details about this project, but with this we are already curious.

Where and when to see it? On Sunday 8 at Atresplayer Premium.

Moonbase 8

Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker and John C. Reilly are the protagonists and co-creators of this comedy with a very particular humor. Within the trend of this season of series that look at the space race or the work of astronauts (it is seen that we want to flee from this world whatever it is), they play three men who train as astronauts in a lunar simulator located in the Arizona desert where they have to face situations that they could find on the Moon. If it connects with their humor, it is quite funny due to the absurd situations they have to face and their particular ways of being.

Where and when to see it? A weekly episode from Monday 9th in Movistar Series.


Lena Dunham produces and directs the first episode of this HBO / BBC drama set in the world of high finance that follows a group of young graduates struggling to make their way into London’s demanding financial world shortly after the 2008 crash. Young people compete to earn their continuity at the prestigious Pierpoint & Co. Anything goes in an extremely competitive world. The series explores issues of gender, race or class through the ambition of these young people and the relationships between them and with their superiors. His start is quite powerful, very to the point and with twists from episode 1. It promises.

Where and when to see it? From Tuesday 10 on HBO Spain.

Adult Material

British critics have applauded this Channel 4 miniseries focused on the world of porn. The story follows a 33-year-old woman, former X-movie star, mother of three, highly respected in her work and a good connoisseur of the industry. Now he takes his last steps in a world that has changed from DVD to the Internet and social media. Following its UK premiere, The Guardian highlighted how the series even finds room for humor and its success in reflecting the world of porn in a way that is neither extremely sordid nor glamorized.

Where and when to see it? All four chapters will be available on Filmin on the 10th.

Midas favorites

Mateo Gil directs this thriller in which Luis Tosar plays Víctor Genovés, a powerful businessman who is blackmailed by a mysterious organization that calls itself Midas’s favorites: if you don’t pay a large sum of money, they’ll kill a random person at the place and on the date they say, with new victims every few days until I pay. While Genovés is exposed to the moral dilemma of carrying these deaths on his conscience, he also has to deal with the upper echelons who seem to be bothered by the newspaper that belongs to his media group.

Where and when to see it? Netflix premieres all six episodes on Friday the 13th.

The Crown

Fourth season of the series that narrates the life of Elizabeth II of England. The plot enters the late 1970s and early 1980s to review key moments in the history of both the British and UK royal families. Margaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minister, and the tensions between her and the Queen will be evident, especially when the country heads towards the Falklands War. On another flank, Prince Charles will live his relationship with the young Diana Spencer, a fairy tale for the British people who hidden a different reality inside. Gillain Anderson as Thatcher and Emma Corrin as Diana join the cast of this highly anticipated season. The quality of the scripts, the performances and, above all, the production is guaranteed.

Where and when to see it? On Sunday 15, on Netflix.

Gangs of London

Action and violence in abundance in the London underworld. Gareth Evans is responsible for this production with some of the best action choreography that has been seen in recent times on the small screen. The plot follows the story of Sean Wallace, the man who has just inherited control of one of London’s main criminal clans after the death of his father. While trying by all means to find out who killed his father, he is forced to remake his alliances with other criminal groups to try to maintain the fragile balance that presides over this underworld. For this he will have the help of the mysterious Elliot Finch, a man to whom no one had paid attention until now.

Where and when to see it? On Starzplay starting Sunday 15 with weekly chapters.


French series in the vein of other great political comedies such as Veep, The Thick of It or even the spanish Come on Juan. In this case, the gaze is directed to the European Parliament, a strange world for the newcomer Samy, the new parliamentary assistant to a French MEP with a great ability to avoid problems and complications. Samy will have to manage to find allies who will explain how things work in a Europe in which everyone looks out for their own interests. The series was a success in France and the first chapters could be seen at the Serielizados Fest. Pretty funny.

Where and when to see it? The 10 chapters will be available on Filmin on Tuesday 24.

30 coins

In a remote town, exiled by the Vatican, Father Vergara, exorcist, boxer and ex-convict arrives. And with it comes problems: suddenly, a series of paranormal phenomena begin to take place in this quiet town. The mayor, Paco, and the veterinarian, Elena, will try to reveal what is happening and the meaning of a coin that Vergara hides and that seems to have to do with a global battle for control of the 30 coins for which the apostle Judas betrayed to Jesus of Nazareth. Alex de la Iglesia is the creator and director of this series whose trailer (and first reviews) points to a story very much in line with his other creations: terror (with its monsters and its usual excesses) and touches of black humor. It has very good ingredients, we will have to see the result.

Where and when to see it? Starting Sunday, November 29 on HBO Spain.


David Tennant is the protagonist of this British miniseries that tells the story of the serial killer Dennis Nilsen, an official who between 1978 and 1983 killed 15 people he knew on the streets of London. He earned their trust, offered them food or accommodation, and subsequently killed them. They were usually homeless and expelled from society in those years of economic crisis. The problem is that when Nilsen was captured in 1983, there was no way to find the identity of his victims, forcing the police to carry out one of the largest investigations to hunt down the murderer in UK history. , although in this case what was sought was not the murderer, but the murdered. Besides the story, Tennant’s performance is impressive, it’s really scary.

Where and when to see it? The three chapters can be seen on Starzplay starting Sunday 29.

Other featured October premieres and comebacks


Premiere. Day 2 at Fox.


Premiere. Day 7 on HBO Spain.

Dash & Lily

Premiere. Day 10 on Netflix.


Premiere. Day 10 at Calle 13.

The Good Doctor

Fourth season. Day 10 in AXN.

A teacher

Premiere. Day 11 on HBO Spain.


Premiere. Day 12 on SundanceTV.


Premiere. Day 12 at AMC.

The Blacklist

8th season. Day 14 at Movistar Series.

Dark matter

Second season. Day 17 on HBO Spain.

Search Party

Third season. Day 17 on TNT.

A place to dream

Second season. Day 27 on Netflix.

The Flight Attendant

Premiere. Day 27 on HBO Spain.

The Simpson

22nd season. Day 27 at Disney +.

Baghdad Central

Premiere. Day 30 at Movistar Seriesmanía.

The rest of the premiere and return dates, in the Fifth Season series calendar

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