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The 20 cutest dog costumes on the internet

Halloween |  The 20 cutest dog costumes on the internet

Halloween | The 20 cutest dog costumes on the internet

We are approaching the date of Halloween and after the pandemic it is normal that many are thinking about wear costumes and celebrate the Halloween night in style. Some may even be thinking about disguise your dog the cat to share with your mascot the Halloween party. And is that, is there anything more tender than seeing your dog in disguise? If you are considering dress up your dog for Halloween you must bear in mind that these fancy dress they must be adapted to your pet so that you are comfortable with the garments. As there is still time, you can opt for a handmade costume (diy) but if you are not very handy or do not have much time to prepare it, you should know that there are many pet stores that during these dates they sell costumes of halloween for dogs and gatos. In addition, on the internet you can find thousands of costume ideas for cats and dogs. Here we bring you some of the halloween costumes for dogs cutest we have found.

Hot dog

It is dog costume has become a classic in recent years, especially if your dog is of small breed or, specifically, a hot dog.


a dog costume ideal for fans of the saga Star Wars. The ewoks They are a tiny species of hairy bipeds native to the forested moon of Endor that have won the hearts of many fans for their similar appearance to a teddy bear with bad milk.


Dressing up your spider dog on Halloween It can be a very fun option, there are also spider costumes for dogs all races and sizes.

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Normally these costumes are made so that the spider’s legs move as your dog runs, so if you see him rushing towards you, he will have a “creepy” look, as happens to this big man who gets scared with his costume. “little brother”.

The Squid Game

Certainly one of the most popular costumes for this Halloween It’s of The Squid Game. Here is the canine version of the costume to make your dog a star of Netflix.

Costume for dogs from The Squid Game.


Another classic in the halloween costumes for dogs It is a very simple accessory, a mane to put on your dog’s head and make him look like the king of the jungle. In addition, this costume suits especially well large breed dogs, especially to Golden Retriever.


Maybe you already know this type of dog costumes which are composed of a harness that is placed around your dog’s chest making him look like the mount of a teddy that rides on top. This, in particular, is a cowboy and it is very tender.


This costume is very easy to do yourself. To make you dog look like a gnome You will only need a few fabrics or a cardboard and a mop as a beard.


Here you have the Easiest dog costume to make: the ghost dog. In order to create it, you will only need to make a few holes in a white sheet for the muzzle, eyes and ears. Your dog will be a very original ghost for your Halloween photo.

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Perry Potter

The fans of the the story of Harry Potter they will not be able to resist this dog costume so sweet.


We go back to the classics. This costume is very very simple and your dog the king of the party Halloween. Also, since you only need to adjust the bat wingsor to the harness or collar of your dog cat) You can do it yourself with cardboard or eva rubber.


Here you have another very original dog costume: a dog lobster. And your dog is smallYou can also decorate a pot and put it inside to take it for a walk on Halloween night. The success of this little lobster will be assured.

Teddy bear

If the dogs They are cute animals and teddy bears nor they are left behind. What happens if we join the sympathy of both? Well the result is a very original dog costume and fun. Also, you can create it yourself with an old teddy bear.


It is dog costume It is a variant of the bat, the wings are made with black feathers and your dog will be the spitting image of the famous cuervo the Edgar Allan Poe.

The paper dog

The undoubted success of the Netflix series “The Money Heist“makes this costume one of the most popular for humans and to pets. Here we leave you a doggy version of this costume.

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La Casa de Papel dog costume

Super Dog

A red cape attached to your dog’s harness and a couple more details. It’s all you need to turn your dog into a furry superhero.


It is dog costume looks great on large breed dogs. This is a complete jumpsuit of inmate with which your dog will be the “baddest” in jail.


Here’s another costume off the screen. This one requires a bit more work if you want to do it yourself but you dog or cat will look scary with this demogorgon costume or demodog of the series Stranger Things.


This famous character from Star Wars It has become fashionable again in recent times for its version baby from the Disney series “Madalorian”. Your pet will be very funny with this yoda costume for dogs.


It is pet costume It is also very simple since it consists of some horns style of malefic that adapt to the head of your furry. Also, if you dog is very restless And he does not accept that you put many clothes on him is ideal for him.

Delivery man

This is another of the dog costumes which are made up of a harness. Your dog will look like a postman very funny.

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