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The 20 weirdest baby names of all time

Every year, the most popular baby names reach everyone’s ears, as they set trends for future parents looking for a suitable name for their little one. But if you are not seduced by the list of the most popular and want something less common, you can take a look at these weirdest baby names of all time.

Nameberry, a portal specialized in baby names, their origins and their meanings, took on the task of finding out which are the rarest names in history in the United States. For it, they found wacky names that were only used for a year registered with the Social Security Administration. Many of them were used in the 19th century.

20 of the strangest names

This is part of the list of the most unusual names that the team of Nameberry:

1 Almond (almendra). This name was used on six males. Nameberry experts believe that it is a variation of the name Almund, which is itself a variation of the German name Adalmund.

2 Birdella. Is a combination of Birdie and Ella which was used on five girls in 1883.

3 Bluford. The original name is Buford, but it fell out of use several decades ago, but Bluford was later used.

4 Branch (rama). In Spanish, branch means branch, but in 1889 it was the name of seven men.

5 Bush (bush). Seven males were named “bush” (Bush) in 1889.

6 Canni. Although it is believed to be an abbreviation for the name Candice, it actually has a Scottish origin related to the word “canny” (cunning).

7 Cappie. Capitola is a character in the novel The Hidden Hand, published in 1859 and which achieved great popularity. His nickname was Cappie.

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8 Christopher. In 1989, a whopping 1,082 babies were named Christop, when some names only consisted of eight characters, such as Elizabet, Alexadr, Katherin and Alexande.

9. Cinnamon (canela). For hippie parents in 1969, Cinnamon was a fitting name for 202 girls. According to Nameberry, this name may return along with another rarity: Pepper (pepper).

10. Dijon. Dijon, in France, is the capital of mustard, and in 1991 alone, 132 men were named after that city.

11. doll. This name for girls may not sound very strange, but seven boys were named in 1902.

12. Edw. It is an abbreviation for Edward which was used in 1889, similarly as Md is now often used for Muhammad.

13. Foch. By the time World War I ended in 1918, some males were called Foch after the French commander Ferdinand Foch.

14. friend (friend). As it is, six children were called “Friend” in 1880.

15. Gorge. There may be an “e” missing from the English name George or it may be an unusual spelling of the Spanish name “Jorge,” but that’s how nine boys were named in the year 1900.

16. Governor. And just as seven men were appointed Governors in 1889, there were also a couple named President and Senator.

17. Hence (that’s why). Just as some babies were named Frankly (frankly) and Tuly (truly), six were named Hence (for that) in 1880. It is actually believed that their origin is an acronym for the Germans Heinrich or Hans.

18. Man (man). It is believed that it is a way of calling Emmanuel, and in 1884, five children received this name.

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19. Moroni. It actually refers to the son of the prophet Mormon, significant to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but in English the word “moron” means “imbecile.”

20. Type (tip). Many years ago “Tip” was a way of calling “Thomas”, and five boys were so named in 1887.

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