Saturday, October 16

The 200 miles A2 from Altea set course for Ibiza

Altea (Alicante)



At 9:30 am today, Friday, March 5, 2021, the sailors of the Club Náutico de Altea began towing the sailboats with their sealed engines out of port. Everything was ready for the 35th edition of the 200-mile a2 Winter Regatta to kick off, a test that this year is once again part of the Spanish Cruise Championship a2.

With the entire fleet in the water, the wind was blowing from the northeast with an intensity of 8 knots from the northeast, which has allowed a very spectacular departure in which the fleet has been very concentrated during the initial section of the crossing.

During the first two hours of the regatta, the Brujo (RCN Valencia) and the Hydra (CN Balis), two of the largest boats, have positioned themselves in the lead at a maximum speed of 7 knots, followed by the Limbo of the Nautical Club of Altea.

The fleet continues to sail eastward with good wind pressure and led by a highly concentrated group of 16 boats, between 4 and 7 knots of speed. The weather forecast indicates that throughout the weekend the cruises will encounter stronger northeast winds of 15 to 20 knots.

The following hours will be crucial for the 200-mile a2 fleet, from the 24-hour monitoring, installed in the skippers’ room of the Altea Yacht Club, the latest details of the regatta will be released. In addition, the 200 miles a2 can be followed in real time on the regatta website and the official website of CN Altea ( All participating boats have a GPS system installed in order to be able to track it via satellite. Additionally, the Altea Nautical Club will carry out a video and photographic follow-up through its Instagram and Facebook accounts with publications and direct messages under the hashtag # 200MillasA2.

During the last hours of Saturday 6th, the leading boats should begin to approach the bay of Altea after having covered the 200 miles of the Altea-Ibiza-Altea regatta. In past editions the arrival has been extended until Sunday morning, but we will see how the weather and the sailors’ own tactics are planned this year.

The trophy delivery for the regatta is scheduled for Sunday, March 7, starting at 3:00 p.m. Prizes will be awarded to the three best times, two bars of one kilo of silver for the first classified, 2 bars of half a kilo of silver for the second classified and 2 bars of a quarter of a kilo of silver for the third. In addition, and for the sixth consecutive year, the Altea Nautical Club is putting the Club Trophy into play and it will be the Torrevieja, Valencia, Altea and Calpe clubs that, by number of registered boats, will opt for the award in this edition.

The participating boats will be classified by ORC, Offshore Racing Congres, an international time compensation system that varies depending on the characteristics of each boat.

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