Tuesday, October 19

The 2020-21 NBA season is off to a strange start

Let’s try to make sense of what happened not even two weeks after the 2021 NBA season. The Nets appeared to be in the final after two big wins to start the season. They are now under .500 after losing four of the next five. The Heat, who reached the Finals last year, has the worst point difference in the East, thanks in large part to a major loss to the Bucks. Those Bucks, meanwhile, started 24-3 last season, but are only 3-3 to start this one. That’s somewhat the same record as the Warriors, who started this season in such dire circumstances that they invited questions about the future of Stephen Curry. The Suns are second in the West, the Nuggets are 2-4, and the top five teams in the East lost in the first round or missed the playoffs altogether in 2020. Phew.


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