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The 2020 Income Campaign will begin on April 7 and end on June 30

The 2020 Income and Wealth Campaign will start on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 for filing statements online, and on June 2 for filing in offices, lasting until Wednesday June 30 of that year, according to the ministerial order published this Thursday by the Official State Gazette (BOE).

Specifically, on April 7 the campaign for the online presentation of the 2020 Income and Equity declarations begins, while Taxpayers who wish to make the income statement by phone may do so from May 6.

Likewise, taxpayers who choose to present the annual income statement 2020 in person at the AEAT offices may do so as of Wednesday, June 2, around half a month after the date on which it usually started.

In fact, in the 2019 Campaign, developed in 2020, face-to-face assistance had to be postponed at the AEAT offices to prepare the declaration of May 13 initially scheduled to June 8 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since last July 1, the Tax Agency offices provide all the usual services in person by appointment.

The term of the 2020 Campaign will end on June 30 in general, although it will end earlier, on June 25, in the cases of declarations with results to be entered with direct debit. In addition, those who choose to divide the payment of the declaration will have to make the second payment as a limit on November 5.

No regulatory news

The Ministry of Finance recalls that in the field of personal income tax there are not many regulatory developments in 2020, despite the pandemic, given that the main measures adopted have been directed at the health, economic and social level.

A) Yes, the identification of the taxpayer’s tax address introduced in 2019 is maintained in this Campaign, which allows, in a simple and intuitive way, to identify or ratify the last tax address available in the database of the State Tax Administration Agency or, where appropriate, modify it.

In relation to the returns on real estate capital, as a result of the modifications introduced in the tax model for fiscal year 2019, the information made available to the taxpayer is “notably” improved, which will undoubtedly facilitate the completion of this section of the declaration, according to the Treasury.

This improvement is especially notable in the case of the amortization calculation, main deductible expense when the real estate has been leased during the year.

Specifically, the taxpayer will be shown the information completed in the previous fiscal year return and will allow him to transfer it to the 2020 return, if necessary modify it, and will calculate the amount of the deductible amortization without further operations.

As a “very remarkable” novelty in this financial year 2020, the Treasury says, In the section on income from economic activities in direct estimation, on a voluntary basis it is allowed for the first time that taxpayers can transfer the amounts entered in the personal income tax records., in aggregate, to the corresponding boxes in this section of the model.

Get the draft from day one

On the other hand, in 2020, as in previous years, all taxpayers, whatever the nature of the income obtained, will be able to obtain the draft declaration of the Personal Income Tax through the Service of processing of the draft / declaration (Income WEB), after providing, where appropriate, certain information that will be requested for this purpose, or other information that the taxpayer may incorporate.

Taxpayers will be able to access their draft and their tax data, from the first day of the income campaign, through the draft / declaration processing service, using any of the requested identification systems, that is, with a recognized electronic certificate, ‘Cl @ ve PIN’ or with the reference number, from where they can confirm and present it or, where appropriate, modify, confirm and present it.

Likewise, in the cases in which it is necessary to provide certain information to finalize the preparation of the draft, once it has been provided, taxpayers may obtain the draft through the draft / declaration processing service.

The 2019 campaign, marked by Covid

In the 2019 campaign, a total of 20.99 million declarations were filed, 1.9% more. Of this total, 14.41 million (-0.24%), 68.6% of the total, went to return, with an amount of 11,163 million euros (+ 3%), and 5.59 million (+5 , 2%) resulted to enter, for a total of 12,650 million euros (+ 5.9%).

Through the web, 19.1 million declarations were presented, 6.7% more and through the mobile application more than 363,000 declarations, 25.5% more. at the same time that the statements made through prior appointment by the plan ‘We call you’ increased, reinforced by the Covid, with more than 1.15 million declarations, six times more than the 239,000 of the previous year.

With half the time and half the space than in a conventional face-to-face campaign to guarantee safety distances, almost 319,000 statements were presented in offices, compared to 2.1 million the previous year, 75% less given the limitations.

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