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The 3 immigration laws that Biden asks to pass in Congress

President Biden maintains his support for some immigration reform.

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President Joe Biden supports any immigration reform that grants citizenship to the largest number of undocumented persons possible, for this reason it defends its own project, the 2021 Citizenship Law that would open the path to naturalization for 11 million non-citizens.

However, according to a document distributed by the White House, the Biden Administration also considers two other reforms that, together, would provide immigration benefits to some five million undocumented immigrants. These are the Dream and Promise Act and the Agricultural Workforce Modernization Act..

This Tuesday, the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, had scheduled a report on immigration adjustments at this time and the following plans, but its event was rescheduled for Thursday, where it is expected to offer more details about a possible endorsement of Congress on some reform.

“While President Biden can implement significant parts of this strategy within his executive authority, Congress must act as well,” the White House said. “Millions of non-citizens call this country home.”

The document highlights that immigrants are a key part of American communities, making significant contributions to the economy, as has occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the past year, millions of immigrants have risked their health to work side by side with other Americans to perform jobs that are essential to the running of the country“, Defends the Biden Administration. “They are American in every way except on paper.”

The federal government notes that Americans generally support the path to citizenship for the undocumented and a “fair and efficient legal immigration system.”

The three reforms

The White House indicates that Congress should approve, through the Reconciliation process, the aforementioned laws. President Biden indicated that “it remains to be seen” if the parliamentarian allows congressmen to integrate immigration modifications through economic justification, when the economic package of $ 3.5 billion dollars is approved.

In the meantime, the Biden Administration defends the following bills:

1. The United States Citizenship Act (HR 1177 / S. 348) .- It is the reform proposed by the Democratic president at the beginning of his government, since he considers that it would reunite families, in addition to giving companies access to a workforce with full labor rights and creating a path to citizenship for those who already live and work in the US He adds that the changes proposed in this plan will also help reduce pressure on the border and deter irregular migration.

2. The Dream and Promise Law (HR 6) .- This norm was approved in March in the House of Representatives and awaits its turn in the Senate, where it would have respublican support, since it is co-sponsored by Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina). It would benefit ‘dreamers’, people with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and other undocumented with deferred actions (DED).

3. The Law of Modernization of the Agricultural Workforce (HR 1603) .- This bill focuses on farm workers and was also passed in the House of Representatives.

“Both bills were approved by the House with bipartisan support,” the Biden Administration highlights about the last two bills mentioned. “They will protect millions of families, children and essential workers who live, work, study and worship in our communities.”

Activists revealed that 10-15 Republicans would support bipartisan immigration reform.

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