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The 3 Russian cyber attacks that the West fears most

The war in Ukraine, which began last March, is leaving a trail of death and destruction in its wake. The Russian soldiers, who withdrew from kyiv this past weekend, continue to escalate the war in various parts of the country, but this is not the only way to wage war.

A few days ago, the president of the United States, Joe Bidenasked private companies and organizations in his country to “close their digital doors”claiming that intelligence reports they suggest that Russia is planning a cyber attack. Something that the UK authorities support despite the fact that they have not yet adopted measures in this regard.

And it is that, the country ruled by Vladimir Putin is a cyber power that has experienced hackers capable of doing anything. The value of Russian hackers reaches such a point that a few days ago the Government itself eliminated the obligation for workers in this sector to go to military service, since a massive exodus was taking place to avoid going to war.

And despite the fact that Ukraine has not been harmed by this type of attack, the truth is that Volodomir Zelensky’s allies fear being attacked in this way as retaliation.

These are the three attacks most feared by the West:

power outages

In 2015, Ukraine’s power grid was disrupted by a cyber attack called BlackEnergy. 80,000 customers of a utility company in western Ukraine were left without power.

Russia could absolutely try to execute an attack like this against the West as a illustration of its capabilities and to send a signal.

uncontrollable destruction

NotPetya was the name of the costliest cyber attack in history. US, UK and EU blamed hackers Russians. A destructive software was hidden in a program update used in Ukraine and spread throughout the world, destroying the computer systems of thousands of companies, causing $10 billion in damage.

Attack on a gas pipeline

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Gas is one of the main currencies of exchange and protagonist of threats since the war in Ukraine began. It would not be the first time that Russia has attacked gas supplies.

In May 2021, several US states declared a state of emergency because a group of hackers caused the closure of a vital gas pipeline for millions of people. The pipeline company admitted to paying a ransom of $4.4 million in bitcoin to get the pipeline working again.

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