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The 30 recommendations of ‘Babelia’ for the day of the book | Babelia

April 23, 2020 went down in history as the day of the book that we spent in confinement. 2021 brings books and readers to the streets again. For this reason we review some titles that occupied the cover of Babelia in recent months, they were featured as books of the week or especially celebrated by our critics. If you click on the title of each book you will be able to read what was said in Babelia about him.

Narrative in Spanish


Fernanda melchor
Literatura Random House

“Fernanda Melchor finds again in this novel the perfect balance between substance and form. The story of the gardener of a luxury urbanization in Veracruz serves this time to portray the violence of an unequal world”. CARLOS PARDO


Javier Cercas

“Javier Cercas tells in his second crime novel a case of sexual extortion of the mayor of Barcelona that serves to deploy a harsh criticism of the Catalan political and economic elite”. CARLOS ZANÓN

Thomas Nevinson

Javier Marias

“The hypnotic prose of the author leads to an invention of reality that this intimate novel is building, which contains a realistic and animated story and the pages of a moving chronicle of dramatic historical events”. JOSÉ-CARLOS MAINER

Cover of 'Mapocho', by Nona Fernández


Nona Fernández
Lower case

“This is the story of an incestuous and mestizo nation, a city —Santiago—, a neighborhood that grows up looking at the poto of the Virgin and a family, which is related with a foundational and dirty language.” MARTA SANZ


Miqui Otero
Blackie Books

“The grace of the book is in the care with which each character takes care of himself and his weaknesses, his complexes, his fears, all subjected to a greater story that is expressed with subtlety, with alarms and loose warnings well disseminated: the rumor of the fall and even the collapse of a city in the crisis of 2018 from the festive and fragile heights of 1992 “. JORDI GRACE

The flyers

Monica Ojeda
Foam Pages

“A climate of bad sleep prevails in stories that express a damaged woman’s experience through linguistic exploration. Sensations and codes are twisted as a reflection of the violence suffered by female bodies since time immemorial.” M. SANZ


Kiko Amat

“This is not just another novel from Barcelona. It is an exceptional novel from another Barcelona: that of the periphery or the suburbs – from La Mina and Sant Adrià to the towns of Baix Llobregat – where those expelled from” la millor botiga del món “. ANA RODRÍGUEZ FISCHER.

The naked woman

Somers Harmony

“With this novel of explicit sexuality and that supposed a scandal, the Uruguayan Armonía Somers made possible everything that surrealism promised: absolute freedom, the breakdown of causality and the bourgeois order”. NORA CATELLI

The Gospel according to Mary Magdalene

Cristina Fallarás
Editions B

“The cultured, loyal and restless Maria Magdalena was under the boot of biblical hermeneutics as a whore. She was not. And Cristina Fallarás vindicates her story with narrative intelligence and remarkable historical preparation.” ANNA CABALLÉ

Fresh earth from his grave

Giovanna Rivero

“The six stories that this book by the Bolivian Giovanna Rivero are not horror stories, but they contain terrifying scenes and characters.” LLUÍS SATORRAS

Translated narrative

Burnt sugar

Avni Doshi
Today’s Topics

“What more than gall can there be in a story that begins with the aversion enclosed in the phrase” I would be lying if I said that I have never felt pleasure when a misfortune happens to my mother? “. JAVIER APARICIO MAYDEU

Escape route

Philippe Sands

“It is uncomfortable and unpleasant; it is also an evidence of the talent of the writer, who reminds us that monsters are beings of flesh and blood, humans made of the same material as the rest, and therefore more dangerous. Otto Wächter is a Nazi in Technicolor “. MARC BASSETS


Maggie O’Farrell
Asteroid books

“The marvelous and highly commendable thing about this novel is that Maggie O’Farrell vivifies Shakespeare, the great ‘monster of nature’ of the universal canon, placing domesticity in the foreground and using the figure of his wife as the main narrative focus.” M. SANZ

The desired

Maryse Condé

“A novel of family secrets and the search for identity starring three generations of women between Guadeloupe, Paris and the United States”. M. BASSETS

Cover of 'The College of Dreams', by Sara Stridsberg.

The Faculty of Dreams

Sara Stridsberg

“The life of the frustrated murderer of the divo Warhol is worth its weight in gold: the technique used by Stridsberg, fragmentary, heteroclite to the utmost degree, makes it a literary delusion that is as extravagant as it is unusual.” J. APARICIO MAYDEU


Esther Kinsky

“The writer recreates the mourning for the loss of a loved one with exceptional prose that reveals her as one of the best voices in German letters today.” PATRICIO PRON

Essay, history, diaries and letters

The era of surveillance capitalism

Shoshana Zuboff

“Every time we use the Internet, we unconsciously yield part of our personal sovereignty to an opaque power, without limits or borders. The sociologist Shoshana Zuboff has named this phenomenon in a book called to mark an epoch.” JOAQUÍN ESTEFANÍA

Cover of 'The Mirages of Certainty', by Siri Hustvedt.

Mirages of certainty

Siri Hustvedt
Seix Barral

“A great polemicist and militant feminist, the author does not overlook the fact that our Western culture, strongly influenced by the mind-body dichotomy that gives the former a pre-eminent place over the latter, based on this premise the inferiority of women , associated and conditioned by the body “. LOLA GALÁN

Cover of 'After the wall', by Kristina Spohr.

After the wall

Kristina Spohr

“This book looks at why an enduring and seemingly stable world order collapsed in 1989, and addresses the process by which a new order was improvised from the ruins of the old one.” J. STEPHANY

The revolutionary party (1789-1799)

Mona Ozouf
University Presses of Zaragoza

“A true classic. It opened new avenues of historical exploration of the festivities and applied a change of perspective in the approach to the French Revolution, anchored then in social leftism.” JORDI CANAL

I am the monster that speaks to you

Paul B. Preciado

“The volume, brief but intense, advocates overcoming the binary schemes that determine sexual difference, which Preciado believes to be perfectly overcome. It is not a call for revolution, but rather the confirmation that this revolution is already taking place before the eyes distracted from the masses. ” ÁLEX VICENTE


Maggie Nelson
Three points

“Rejected by more than 20 stamps, finally that beautiful and short essay, built from 240 annotations or ramblings around the author’s obsession with the color blue, became a cult book.” ANDREA AGUILAR

Biography of light

Pablo D”Ors
Galaxia Gutenberg
“We have fallen in love with the shadow,” says Pablo d’Ors. “We put too much emphasis on the dark. Light, on the other hand, is more real: you need to clean your eyes, ears and heart to be able to see and enjoy it. His invitation to do so is entitled “Biography of light.” JOSÉ ANDRÉS ROJO

The second hand or the appointment work

Antoine Compagnon

“The foothills and consequences of Compagnon’s reference study are countless and at the same time very rich, moving between linguistics and orthotypography, between philology and rhetoric, between plagiarism and the prostitution of self-citation, between copyright and appropriationism “. J. APARICIO MAYDEU


Andre Gide

“Novelist, poet, traveler and Nobel laureate, the work of his life was his monumental intimate diary of 3,000, which revolutionized the genre. Now it is published in full for the first time in Spanish.” A. HORSE

The friendship of two giants. Correspondence

Miguel Delibes and Francisco Umbral

“The core of this long correspondence (half a century, 300 letters) is the work of the correspondents. Each one comments without hot cloths on the other’s books as they are published.” JAVIER RODRÍGUEZ MARCOS


Cover of 'Trust in grace', by Olvido García Valdés.

Trust in grace

Oblivion García Valdés

“One step from secrecy, but with one foot in everyday life, this book demonstrates the vitality of a writing that pursues (and achieves) a demanding communication with readers.” LUIS BAGUÉ QUÍLEZ

'In the meadows sown with eyes', by Antonio Colinas

In the meadows strewn with eyes

Antonio Colinas placeholder image

“The conquest of Colinas resides in the fact that its inquiry into book memory does not turn its back on the present (there is ‘A prayer in times of pandemic’), but rather stands as a mirror reflection of the human condition”. L. BAGUÉ QUÍLEZ

What’s in a Name

Ana Luísa Amaral
Sixth floor

“Ana Luísa Amaral transcends the reality of any detail (a cooking recipe, the shape of a vegetable or the memory of her family members or lost places) to give herself to the deeply intimate act of writing”. ANTONIO SÁEZ DELGADO

cover 'The Fragility', DIEGO DONCEL.  Editorial POETRY VIEWER


Diego Doncel

“The readers of this book will reach the unanimity of the jury that awarded him the Loewe Poetry Prize for his overwhelming vital maturity and his superb expressive capacity, for enunciating a” theory of life “from illness, pain and death”. ANTONIO ORTEGA

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