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The 5 coaches to follow at Euro 2021

The most outstanding coaches of the Eurocup.

The most outstanding coaches of the Eurocup.

The end of the wait is approaching and the Eurocup is here. The sporting event that was to be held in 2020 can finally be held this year with all the sanitary measures and the protocol dictated by the health authorities. Starting next June 11, 11 cities from different European countries will host this big sporting event that so many football fans are looking forward to.

All eyes are on the players who are expected to perform well to win the coveted prize. But not only they have the pressure of the fans, also the coaches. The selectors take the reins and the strategies of the teams, and this, how could it be otherwise, entails an exhibition that does not go unnoticed.

Thus, the names that will be the most in the spotlight are:

Roberto Martínez (Belgium)

Roberto Martínez: “Leaving Januzaj out has been the most difficult decision”

The Spanish coach of Belgium has managed to get the most out of his players, distinguishing himself as one of the most sought-after coaches. He has a very defined style under a game system based on 3-4-2-1. A colorful football with the idea of ​​giving a show to the fans.

Didier Deschamps (France)

The French coach, Deschamps. Franck Fife

His preferred way of playing is 4-2-3-1 and he took over from the French team when he was in a bad time. Deschamps appeared to put things in order by converting the names of Pogba, Matuidi or Griezmann in fundamental pieces for your football board. The French coach achieved in 2018 the world Cup which was played in Russia, since then its reputation has been on the rise.

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Fernando Santos (Portugal)

Fernando Santos. EFE

He landed in the Portuguese country in 2014 and two years later he managed to win the European Championship (2016) thus obtaining his first title with the national team. His tactical form is offense with a 4-3-3. He currently holds the title of coach with the most victories and also performed well at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Joachim Löw (Germany)

Won the World Cup with Germany in 2014 and has directed a total of 168 games with the German national team. Together with his team he has become one of the favorites to win the Eurocup. The game system is a 4-3-3. It will be the last time that he is at the head of the team because he will leave the bench as soon as the continental competition ends.

Luis Enrique Martínez (Spain)

Spain is also one of the favorites to win the Eurocup, and with it the coach who directs it. He is a supporter of offensive football with a 4-3-3. After Vicente del Bosque’s success in winning the World Cup, the Asturian coach is expected to achieve some important title for the Spanish team.

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