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The 5 most emotional moments of the Tokyo Olympics

Simone Biles, with the bronze medal obtained in the balance beam.

Simone Biles, with the bronze medal obtained in the balance beam.

What was experienced last Tuesday in Tokyo has already been marked as one of the episodes in the history of the Games. Simone Biles, the one who had to be the star of the Olympic event and has monopolized the spotlight behind launch the message that physical and mental health comes before medals, returned to compete. And he did it with a smile and on a balance beam, where he took bronze, the same metal as in Rio. No matter what she did, the important thing was to see her smile again in her natural habitat.

Since he stepped aside in the team final and explained that he was giving up the full team and individual contest to prioritize his mental health, there was the uncertainty of knowing if Simone would compete in the Tokyo Games again.

Biles received a loud ovation from the Japanese pavilion by the technicians and gymnasts who had been able to access due to the Covid restrictions. Both when starting and finishing his exercise and when he returned to the podium, where his eyes shone with tears of emotion. “It has been a very long week, it has been five very long years,” he said at the age of 24. “I wasn’t expecting to get a medal. I just wanted to go out there and do it for me, and that’s what I’ve done (…) This bronze is more special than the balance beam in Rio. I will cherish it for a long time.”

Gianmarco Tamberi y Mutaz Essa Barshim

The motto of the Olympic Games, ‘Citius, altius, fortius (faster, higher, stronger)’, exploded in the Olympic stadium in Tokyo. And it is that, during the high jump finish, the Italian Gianmarco Tamberi and the Qatari Mutaz Essa Barshim they gave up the ‘altius’ thing. Tied for everything after not being able to exceed 2.39 meters, they were faced with a dilemma: play a tiebreaker or share the gold. And they did not doubt it. A hug that remains for the history of Olympism sealed the decision. They will be just as high on the podium, at the top, something unheard of since Americans Edward Cooke and Alfred Gilbert shared gold at the 1908 London Games 113 years ago.

Tamberi hugs Barshim after sealing the pact to share the gold. EP

The celebration after the ‘agreed’ gold was at the height of the situation and the character. Tamberi, 29, he burst into tears in disconsolation and wallowed for several minutes on the track. He was still around during the 100-meter race, and Wrapped in a tricolor flag he received sprinter Lamont Jacobs in full deceleration after being proclaimed by surprise Olympic champion of the hectometer, in a few historic minutes for Italian sport.

Neisi Dajomes

He had won gold in weightlifting, in the 76 kg category. At 23 years old, Neisi Dajomes He had lifted 263 kilograms, 118 in snatch and 145 in two strokes. She was on the podium about to be crowned Olympic champion, when the Ecuadorian showed the palm of her left hand to the camera. Mom and brother, you could read. “I recently lost my brother and I lost my mother before, they take care of us from heaven; That is why I dedicate all my triumphs to them and I thank them for having been so important in my life, ”he said. His relatives passed away in 2019 and 2018 respectively.

Maria Belén Pérez Maurice

She had just been eliminated from the Games. Maria Belén Pérez Maurice was giving a television interview when in the background he saw himself as one of the coaches of the Argentine fencing team unfolding a paper. The interviewer told the sablista to turn around to read it. ‘Flaca, do you want to marry me? Please ‘, you could read. The Olympic team coach and partner for 17 years, Lucas Guillermo Saucedo, he tried again after his failed proposal of 2010 in the Fencing World Championship. This time María Belén said yes.

Annmiek Van Leuten

Annemiek van Vleuten, the famous Dutch cyclist, passionately celebrated her arrival at the finish line of the road cycling event. He had just hung an Olympic medal. The problem was that it was not the gold he imagined, but silver. They ran without a earpiece and that’s why I didn’t know there was a leak, Anna Keisenhofer, an Austrian cyclist who lived for several years in Arenys de Mar while studying a doctorate in mathematics at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona. Past disappointment Vin Vleuten She overcame and three days later she was proclaimed, now, Olympic champion in time trial.

Annmiek van Vleuten celebrates a victory that was not. EFE

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