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The 5 nuts that add the most fiber to your diet

Fiber helps satisfy the satiety, which decreases the chances of ingesting more foods during or after meals.

In addition, it offers a diverse amount of nutrients and healthy fats for the body. But if you want to consume more fiber to control your appetite or anxiety to eat, you must know these 5 nuts that can bring these benefits to your diet.

A great way to include fiber in your diet is through nuts. Source: Pixabay

1. Walnuts

Walnuts are well known and popular, and are a healthy alternative when consuming fiber. In fact, in its composition, 6.5% corresponds to this nutrient.

In other words, for each 100 grams of walnuts you are consuming 6 grams of fiber. But it is not the only nutrient that this tasty fruit has, since walnuts contain Omega 3 Y antioxidants.

You can consume them as appetizer between meals, or you can add them in multiple recipes, such as salads, or there is also the option of adding them in the preparation of bread, cakes and muffins.

2. Almonds

Fiber constitutes 12% of the composition of almonds, and therefore it is considered the dried fruit with more fiber. Like walnuts, it enjoys great popularity among consumers.

Almonds are fruits of season, specifically autumn, and can be consumed alone or prepared flours or milk needed for many recipes.

The popularity of the almond is due to its multiple uses, since it is also used in the manufacture of bars energetic and muffins. In addition, you can prepare delicious spreads with them.

3. Pistachios

Pistachios not only offer you fiber, but they also contain protein. 10% of its composition is fiber and this means that it contains 10 grams of fiber for every 100 grams of this dried fruit.

Thanks to the vegetable proteins they contain have become popular foods among the population seeking alternatives to animal protein.

Pistachio can be naturally incorporated into salads, breads, cakes and even sauces and ice cream.

4. Hazelnuts

You can find hazelnut as an ingredient in various creams and chocolates. Source: Pexels

Hazelnut contains 9.7 grams of fiber per 100 grams. But it doesn’t just contain fiber. It is also a rich source of Vitamin E. This vitamin is a antioxidant, which implies that its consumption favors the prevention of aging of cells.

Hazelnuts can be included in the preparation of salads, sauces, cakes, creams and some chocolates. So you have different options to include it in your diet.

5. Macadamia nuts

As published in Vitonic, this is the nut with the highest amount of fat. Of course, these fats are beneficial for the body. Its amount of fiber is 8.5 grams per 100 grams of walnuts.

The macadamia nut is low in vitamin E, and it does not have as many nutrients as the other nuts. That is why its main benefit is fiber, and that is why it can be included in the preparation of vegan mayonnaise and in cookies.

Nuts must be part of a balance diet that seeks to maintain normal levels of feeding. They are ideal components that can be added to almost any saucer or they can be consumed individually.

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