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The 5 secrets of Bill Gates to achieve happiness

After his last interview and two simple questions “Are you happy?” and “Despite everything, what makes you happy?” Their answers were not only wise, but they have helped us to include them in Gates’ advice for a higher quality and happier life.

Thanks to his enormous influence, Gates’ words are always heard and taken as a mantra for many.

His vision when it comes to seeing the future, his predictions or how he assesses the popularity of bitcoin in the world order, are just some of the many times that the tycoon has offered his point of view and we listen to him (although with some reluctance) .

After an interview, or rather, a round of questions with Bill Gates (“Ask Me Anything”), he responded to two closely related to life coaching. Perhaps his economic point of view or the war we are currently experiencing would have been more useful, but here are his answers to: “Are you happy?” and “Despite everything, what makes you happy?”

Put aside your 20-year-old self and talk to your future self

“There is no surer way to get a fresh perspective on any thorny issue than talking to yourself 20 years from now. Your future self is very wise,” Gates explains.

As Bill Gates admits, most of us, in our 40s, 60s, and even 80s, are still in dialogue with our 20-year-old selves. Your 70-year-old self, for example, will tell your 50-year-old self that they will never be as young, powerful, vital, or fit again. His 20-year-old self is wise. They know not to worry about the little things. They know what will give you joy.

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fulfill your commitments

There is nothing to say about the feeling generated by accomplishing something you said you were going to do. And it is that, although none of us has control of all the results, each one can have absolute control of doing what he has said he will do. And this makes us feel powerfully alive.

If you do not fulfill the commitments, not only will others stop trusting you, but you will stop believing in yourself.

give to others

Giving makes us feel good, it is beneficial to our health and generates gratitude from others.

According to the monk who gave a TED talk, David Steindl-Rast”It is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratitude that makes us happy.”

exercise more

It is more than proven that exercise helps chronic depression by increasing serotonin, which helps your brain regulate mood, sleep, and appetite.

Exercise increases the level of your endorphins, which are natural mood elevators. It also limits the effect of stress on the brain and helps normalize sleep patterns. Exercise gives you focused activity that can help you feel a sense of accomplishment.

put love first

Last but maybe one of the most important points. Gates states, in this case, that “When your children are well it is really very special”. And it is that, they say that one of the five biggest and most common regrets is “Not having spent more time with the people I loved.”

So it is easy, or at least in our minds, to fight to avoid this, since it is something that will generate happiness and is within our reach.

Now, once you have seen Gates’ 5 tips, you will think: “This is all very well, but a few hundred million dollars would surely help me feel happier.”

Quite right, but as Gates’ answers suggest, when you can count on yourself and others too, when you feel good about yourself physically and emotionally and prioritize your loved ones, you could end up much more satisfied than a lonely and selfish billionaire .

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