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The 6 best ideas for romantic and ecological wedding proposals

Planning a proposal requires a considerable amount of time and money. You have to choose the right place, time and activity and make it all romantic to make sure your partner says “yes” when you ask the question.

When you and your partner live an eco-friendly lifestyle, planning a romantic and sustainable wedding proposal can also pose some problems.

The biggest challenge is making sure you have a winning proposal idea that is sustainable and dreamy at the same time, so your partner can’t say no to you.

Essential for an ecological wedding proposal

Choosing to give your partner an eco-friendly engagement ring is a great start to planning a romantic and eco-friendly wedding proposal.

Giving your partner a lab grown diamond engagement ring is a sustainable option for several reasons.

But What are lab grown diamonds??

As the name implies, laboratory grown diamonds are grown in a laboratory. Each stone undergoes a similar process of heat and pressure involved in the production of a natural diamond underground that generally takes thousands of years.

However, since the diamond is grown under controlled conditions, the resulting gem is produced in a shorter period, but still looks and feels like one traditionally mined.

Due to controlled laboratory conditions and shorter production time, the whole process uses fewer resources, like water and energy, so carbon footprint is reduced, too.

The extraction of diamonds with traditional methods requires the extraction of hundreds of tons of earth and the use of thousands of gallons of water.

In addition, the mining process involves the contamination of numerous gallons of water with acid runoff from the mine, the emission of air pollution, and the consumption of fossil fuels.

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All these They have a huge negative impact on the environment, including drought, floods, and deforestation.

With all the short-term and long-term social, environmental, and ecological impacts of traditional diamond mining, purchasing an engagement ring with a lab-grown diamond is a must when planning an eco-friendly wedding proposal.

Sustainable ways to propose proposals to your partner

Once you have your lab grown diamond engagement ring, you can choose from these romantic and eco-friendly wedding proposal ideas:


Whether you and your partner are avid hikers, hiking and proposing when you reach the end of the trail with a beautiful view of the natural landscape or the sunset is an amazing idea.

Choose a hiking trail that you and your partner can take. Whether you select one you travel frequently or a new path, make sure you don’t give yourself or your special someone a difficult time. This means that neither of you will be too tired to enjoy the occasion when you arrive at your destination.

Also, make sure there is breathtaking scenery waiting for you at the end of your hike to set the dreamy backdrop you need for your romantic wedding proposal.

Don’t forget to bring only eco-friendly hiking gear, including reusable water bottles and other items.

Enjoy a bike ride

An alternative to hiking, taking your bike out to go somewhere romantic or memorable for both of you is also a great way to set the stage for your proposal.

Ride your bikes to go to the park, the beach or the place where they met or had their first date. You can also rent a tandem bike, which will add a touch of romance to all cycling activity.

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Before embarking on the journey, be sure to keep your destination in mind.

Also, try setting something at your destination, like a floral background. You can also ask your closest friends to help you make a vegan dinner for two that should be waiting for you when your trip is over.

Plan a picnic

A picnic in the middle of a beautiful outdoor view is also an amazing romantic and sustainable wedding proposal idea.

Plan to have the picnic in a nice place. This could be for a lake or beach, a secluded part of a park or garden, or in your own backyard.

If you like hiking or biking, you can also have a picnic when you arrive at your destination.

And since sustainability is one of the main themes of your wedding proposal, pack vegan foods in reusable packaging and vegan-friendly drinks.

Also, don’t forget to pack silverware, bamboo plates, reusable utensils, and cloth napkins.

With this eco-friendly wedding proposal idea, your partner is likely to give you a “yes.”

Write a love poem or a short story.

If you are good at writing, take some time to compose a poem that expresses your feelings for your partner and why they should be together. Another option is to write a short story.

Make sure Finish the poem or story with yourself by asking your partner for her hand in marriage..

Expect your partner’s surprised expression when you get to the last part and watch him open the ring box.

If you are unsure of your writing skills, find a romance novel or a book of poems. Pick a page with a passage that you like and glue the ring under it. Your partner will definitely be in awe when he discovers this sweet surprise.

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Take part in a cleaning campaign

If you and your partner love joining cleaning campaigns, plan a day when the two of you can clean up a part of the beach, park, or public garden.

After the area starts to clear up and your partner is in the middle of things, place the ring on a clean spot on the floor and give them a call. Point to the ring and once they pick it up, kneel down and ask the question.

Once you and your partner have finished cleaning up, head to your favorite restaurant to cap off this important day with a delicious meal.

You can also pack a picnic if you want to have one in the area you are cleaning.

Plant a tree

One of the most unforgettable and sustainable wedding proposal ideas you can consider is planting a tree together.

Planting a tree is an eco-conscious practice that can give more meaning to an already special moment.

By planting a seed or seedling, you and your partner are bringing new life to this world. All the activity too symbolizes your new life together as a married couple.

Make sure you pick the right moment to remove the ring and ask the question.

Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on these eco-friendly wedding proposal ideas. Because you know your partner best, you can find ways to make this special occasion more romantic and memorable for her.

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