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The 6 lighthouses in the province of Alicante that you can visit

Punta Albir lighthouse, in the Alfàs del Pi

Punta Albir lighthouse, in the Alfàs del Pi

Around about 400 headlights are present throughout the entire perimeter of the Spanish coast although only a few 187 are in operation. Each of them tells a different story and therefore, we show you the 6 lighthouses that run along the coast of the Alicante province and we encourage you to come and discover them.

Cape San Antoni Lighthouse

Cabo de San Antoni lighthouse in the municipality of Xàbia DAVID REVENGA

The Cap de San Antoni, located between the municipalities of Dénia and Xàbia, is part of the natural park of the Montgó Massif. This emblematic place is considered not only the second most eastern point of the entire Alicante province but also of all Spain, only surpassed by Cabo de la Nao.

In its more than 110 hectares of extension are cliffs that rise to more than 150 meters above sea level. At its feet we find the Cabo de San Antonio Marine Reserve, which is home to important flora microreserves on its north cliff and on the Islote de la Mona. In addition, apart from the importance for its Marine Reserve Since 1993, it is a common place for whale watching. This is why fishing is prohibited, as well as diving is limited, and prior permission must be requested from the Territorial Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries of Alicante.

Before reaching the end of the cape there is a mirador perfect to enjoy all the bay of Xàbia. This lovely lighthouse lit in 1855 for the first time It is not yet visitable although it is expected that it will soon become a environmental interpretation center.

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Cabo de la Nao lighthouse

Cabo de la Nao lighthouse Xàbia Town Hall

The Cabo de la Nao It is the easternmost end of the entire Valencian coastline being the point of the peninsula closest to the island of Ibiza from which it is only separated by around 85 kilometers.

This lighthouse is located at 122 meters above sea level and boasts a height of 20 meters. Built in an octagonal plan, the regular flashes emitted at night by its powerful can be seen at a distance of 23 nautical miles.

Its spectacular nature has made the Department of the Environment highlight its vegetable micro-reserve. The proximity to the incredible Cova dels Orguens, described in the 18th century by the naturalist Cavanilles, also acts as a claim.

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Albir Lighthouse

Punta Albir lighthouse, in the Alfàs del Pi DAVID REVENGA

Raised in 1863, this idyllic lighthouse is located in the municipality of Alfaz del Pi (Alfàs del Pi). This wonderful tower, known as the Albir lighthouse, is located at 112 meters on the sea in the Natural Park of Serra Gelada and has several telescopes with which it is possible to see in detail everything that surrounds this wonderful place.

Besides, the comfortable paved road of some 5 kilometers in total and the various trails on which it is based are a tourist attraction for families. So is the Bombarda Tower, a place of surveillance used in the 16th century to warn of frequent attacks by Barbary pirates.

Also, the Town hall of l’Alfàs del Pi has converted the interior of this building into an interpretation center with the aim of disseminating the natural, cultural and intangible heritage of Serra Gelada.

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Cabo de las Huertas Lighthouse

Cabo de las Huertas Lighthouse Isabel Ramon

The lighthouse located at the tip of the Cabo de las Huertas It is located between the beaches of San Juan and Almadraba. With a circular plan, this lighthouse rises above the ancient remains of the watchtower of l’Alcodre built in the 16th century.

The views are spectacular and from there we can see the bay of San Juan beach, Muchavista beach and the coast of Campello. Also on the opposite side you can see the bay of Alicante and the Cape of Santa Pola and its lighthouse.

Currently this lighthouse is in disuse, although it will soon become a luxury restaurant despite the refusals of various environmental groups.

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Cape Santa Pola Lighthouse

Santa Pola Lighthouse MATIAS SEGARRA

Very close to the city is the Cape Santa Pola lighthouse, one of the places with sunrises and sunsets most beautiful in the province of Alicante. The lighthouse was installed in the year 1858 on the old watchtower Atalayola, which was fighting against the invasion of the Berbers. Since then it has a maximum range of 16 miles.

Since 2015, this beautiful corner has a cantilever walkway which acts as mirador privileged towards the Mediterranean. There, next to a cliff that descends to the coast, we can walk along this walkway hanging in different sections and enjoy the panoramic view of the Alicante coast.

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Tabarca Island Lighthouse

Tabarca Island Lighthouse Pilar Cortes

The Tabarca lighthouse It gets its name from the island on which it is located, located ten miles from the city of Alicante and about three from Santa Pola. This islet, in addition to being the largest in the entire Valencian Community, is the the only one that is inhabited.

The lighthouse, a large construction, has two floors and a square tower with two wells. It was first lit in 1854, being characteristic its romantic engineering of the XIX century. Currently, this building houses a biological laboratory which serves the Nueva Tabarca Marine Reserve, declared in 1986.

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