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The 6 perfect websites to become a master of Photoshop

Photoshop is one of those programs that many people use, but few people really know how to get the most out of it.

There are many possibilities that this software has and that is why it is so difficult to know all the real possibilities of Photoshop.

It has so many faculties that, without a good course, be it beginner or advanced, it is almost impossible to know all the ins and outs of the program.

What is clear is that if you need or simply want to learn how to handle this software, you must attend a course or a website where they teach you from your level, to go up and handle it more and more easily.

Obviously, the level you have has a lot to say to start in one place or another. As usual, there are courses or websites where certain terms or options of the program are taken for granted that you may not have seen.

Websites to Learn Photoshop:


We start with the official Adobe website where we can access a very high tutorial series explaining several things.

Not everything is that, but there are also guides that will help us to learn more and more about Photoshop, with very practical tutorials, where we will also choose our lessons based on our own level.

When the program is updated we will know what new features it has brought with it and if there is any of them that has a tutorial, so we can know for sure what we can expect.


This is a portal of tutorials that are made by artists who handle this application really well. Not only is Photoshop talked about, but it is an important part of the catalog of this website.

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We have a section of News which can be interesting if we like the whole world of design, such as photography. In addition, you can also see reviews of devices with which we can make different designs.

Returning to the tutorials, we will have some as interesting as knowing how we can paint the hair color on a photo, how to create vector art, 3D design, low-poly portrait, art with polygons or screen printing design, among others.


Inside of LinkedIn learning website there are also a number of really interesting tutorials to learn how the whole world of Photoshop works.

It will be possible to learn more about this tool from the most advanced tutorials to those that only teach what is essential in the program.

This part of LinkedIn is free for a month, from then on you have to pay, but maybe it’s worth it, since it has so many tutorials to learn that it could become profitable for us. That each one has to be the one to make this decision.

Something that seems interesting to us is that the courses come with certificates that may be present on our LinkedIn profile so that everyone, including companies, can see it. Another positive part is that it has app for both Android and iOS operating system.


This is another website full of courses, among which there is also a good number of those dedicated to teaching the use of Photoshop, distributed in different types, such as by level, difficulty and even by teaching hours.

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The good thing is that in many of the courses you get accreditations co-created with universities and certain companies. Too bad it is paid and that at least you have to pay 5 euros per month.

As we have told you before, it may be worthwhile to go Premium.


This is another website dedicated to giving countless courses, since it has an extensive catalog and with all the topics that you can think of, among which is knowing more about Photoshop, of course.

Just by putting “Photoshop Courses” in the search engine, we already have hundreds of them ready to teach us more about this tool.

On Udemy the courses have different prices, so there is no fixed rate. This has its positive side, since we can choose not only because they are very popular or have very good ratings, but also filtering by price.

Another of the positive aspects of Udemy is that from time to time, even sometimes continuously, it has discounts to apply to all courses in the catalog. For example, at the time of writing this article, the course “Master Digital Design with Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 + 30 hours” had lowered its price from 119.99 euros to only 15.99 euros.

To access the courses you must register and then you will have to pay whatever it is for each, although not all are paid, there are also free onesso we can try to find those that do not charge to continue learning Photoshop.

photoshop cafe

It is a website where we will have very well explained tutorials to teach us all the functions and options that Photoshop has.

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There is the area where tutorials are freeand another where we can enter the premium. In the latter we are going to have more variety, as usual, in addition to streaming videos and even instructors to talk to us if we need it.

Each tutorial has its price and just by putting it in the basket and paying for it, we can already enjoy everything that it is going to tell us. Within the paid ones we can learn to handle RAW photos, to know the secrets of photography in Photoshop, to understand how we can capture light well in photos and a few more.

Within the free courses we will have some that explain how to put photos in black and white, how to delete recent files from the home screen, how to change the focus on a photo, to clarify the shadows of a snapshot or to put a sticker, among others many things. This means that even the free ones are interesting.

We must be clear that it is a page in English, so it may be necessary to translate if we do not master the language of Shakespeare.

Surely all these pages can make you an expert in Photoshop to perform true wonders with photographs.

If you decide to approve any, you can tell us about them on our social networks.

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