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The 7 best Android applications that you have to install if you go fishing regularly

Fishing is one of the best activities to do both in summer and in other seasons, if you are a regular fisher, it is best to install these applications.

August has arrived and with it one of the months most used by citizens to enjoy their holidays. Throughout this period, it is likely that the coastal cities will be filled with a large number of people who arrive from the interior trying to escape the extreme heat and in search of beaches to bathe in.

Of course, this search for beaches is not always only for rest. Many people use these vacation days to do or practice sports that they cannot do on a daily basisboth due to lack of time and also because the geographical situation in which they find themselves makes it impossible for them.

One of these sports is fishing and, to fish, considerable bodies of water are needed, be they rivers, lakes, oceans or seas.. If it is a sport that you are passionate about and you have a fishing license, you have been lucky since we have compiled the applications that you need to install on your Android mobile in the case of being a fan of fishing. we start

fish brain

The first application of the recommendation is Fishbran. This application is used to discover local fishing spots, which will be marked on the map so that you have a better way of knowing where they are. In addition, it will teach you first-hand the type of bait that you have to use depending on what you want to fish. Direct link to the Google app store.

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Anglers’ Log – Fishing Journal

Anglers’ Log – Fishing Journal is the next app on this list and it is, so to speak, a kind of social network for people who enjoy fishing. In this application you can see what your friends have captured, the place where they have done it and, logically, also publish your captures. Direct link to the Google app store.

Fish Angler

Fish Angler is the third app on this list. In this application what we find are several options such as the one that allows you to find fishing points that other users have commented on and use, being able to have a view through the map so that it is more comfortable to identify. Direct link to the Google app store.

Fish Deeper

The next application on the list that we find is one that has the name of Fish Deeper and with this it already says it all. We are facing an application which is capable of showing the maps in depth and, therefore, better detect the places where the best fish appear. Direct link to the Google app store.

RiverApp – River flows

Like the previous applications, RiverApp is capable of showing points of interest in terms of fishing, the speed of the currents and the best places to fish. The truth is that at a general level we are faced with an application that it does everything the previous ones do with the only difference that it is designed for rivers. Direct link to the Google app store.

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fish better

Fishing better wants that, that you fish better. It is a fairly simple application at a general level and is used to know everything you need to know before going to a place to fish. in this app you can see the temperature, the activity, the major and minor periods, the tides and the wind. Direct link to the Google app store.

Fishing Knots – Fishing Knots

In a collection of weight applications, one cannot be missing that is focused on improving the way you tie knots or teaching you how to tie them. Fishing Knot or Fishing Knots in Spanish is a simple application in which you will be able to learn to make different knots with which to link the hook so that you do not miss any catch. Direct link to the Google app store.

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