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The 7 best free games for Android that you have to download right now

We have raided the Google app store to bring you a compilation of the 7 best free games of different genres that you have to download right now on your mobile phone.

The search for the best free games for Android phones has begun, and it is not always necessary to pay to enjoy a game with amazing quality. Over the last few years, the Play Store has been filled with applications and games that are practically free and that anyone can enjoy.

In the following weeks we will be publishing new proposals for completely free games for Android phones, although we also remind you that we have made several lists with titles that, despite being paid, are very interesting and, in most cases, it is worth paying to enjoy these contents.

After having spent a few minutes researching the list of the best games in the Android Play Store, we have realized that the variety of free titles is overwhelming. There are not only shooting games in this collection, but also puzzles, RPGs mixed with action and platforms. we start

Smash Hit

This game is somewhat strange at the level of conception and, is that, you’ll put yourself in the shoes of a metallic-looking sphere that has to constantly advance through different scenarios. The approach is simple and you always have to look ahead and you must not let obstacles make you lose your way. Of course, the levels have elements that can be destroyed and as you progress the difficulty increases. Download link to the Play Store.

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There is not much to say about one of the most popular games of recent times. Roblox is a worldwide phenomenon and, although it may seem like a title aimed at children, the possibilities offered by Roblox mean that anyone can enjoy playing it. And, it is that, Roblox does not have a defined genre and can be absolutely any game, meaning that there are always new maps or levels to play. Download link to the Play Store.

Alto’s Odyssey

Most likely, this recommendation will not surprise you at all, because Alto’s Odyssey is one of those games that has to be on its own merits in any collection of free games. And, it is that, it has several sections that manage to make this title extremely recommendable. The first section is its minimalist aesthetic with pastel color palettes that change depending on the setting. and the second section is its simple gameplay that hooks you from the first moment. Download link to the Play Store.

Asphalt 9: Legends

If you are a lover of speed, this game is designed for you. Asphalt 9: Legends continues the saga that began with the first title of this family ando It does integrating 50 new cars so that when choosing the range is much greater, new racing modes, elements during these races and, the truth is that it also improves the controls and the driving of the vehicles to make the experience much better. Download link to the Play Store.

Call of Duty Mobile

No collection is complete without a shooter game, in this case we have included two and they are located one after the other. The first is Call of Duty Mobile that landed on Android phones to hit the table, the gameplay that it integrates has nothing to envy to the console titles, the graphics are top notch and hooks from the first game so it is completely addictive, especially if you play with friends. Download link to the Play Store.

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PUBG: New State

We anticipated that in this list we had included two shooting games, the first being Call of Duty Mobile and now it’s time to talk about the second: PUBG: New State. This title continues in the footsteps of the previous generation, but with an important change. And, it is that, now everything takes place nine years after the first game which means that it is much more current and integrates new weapons, modern vehicles and new mechanics. Download link to the Play Store.

Genshin Impact

The last title on the list closes the compilation in style. And, it is that, there may be someone who is still not aware of Genshin Impact and that is why we fall under the obligation to present one of the best action RPGs that have been released in recent years. The genre may not appeal to you too much at first, but its spectacular graphics and its playability at the level of next-generation console games are going to convince you without a doubt. Download link to the Play Store.

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