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The 7 best programs to unleash your inner fashionista

Fashion tells a story about personalities, emotions, and life experiences. When an aspiring fashionista needs a confidence boost, it’s best to head over to her closet for a full overhaul or a mini update. But where should they look for inspiration? Television shows are a perfect source of motivation to find the right accessories or clothing. Review the top shows to stream to inspire all fashionistas!

For young women entering the business world, striking the right balance between proper office wear and self-expression is challenging. “The Bold Type” centers on three young women who work for an elite magazine and make a new life for themselves in the big city. Each cast member offers something unique with Jane’s demure yet stylish wardrobe, Kat’s burst of prints and patterns, or Sutton’s experimental mix of vintage and modern. Though the series often struggled to win critical acclaim with endless trips to the closet, the eclectic array of outfits is a poignant lesson that style changes with each woman’s personal growth journey.

Ugly Betty

It is the dream of every fashionista to break into the industry. But what happens when your style is not up to scratch? “Ugly Betty” follows Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) becoming an assistant in a high fashion magazine. Her questionable wardrobe options, dazzling braces, and charming naivety give the assumption that she will be eaten by the industry’s sharks. However, Betty learns to prove everyone wrong by building trust through her Mexican-American heritage and staying true to herself. The abstract production design acts as a sounding board with the costumes, giving viewers permission and confidence to think outside the box.

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Emily in Paris

France is one of the most decadent and sought-after fashion capitals in the world. So much so, it is natural for a series to live up to your expectations. “Emily In Paris” takes audiences to Paris, where Chicago-native Emily Cooper joins a marketing team. Not only is Cooper a cultural misfit among her peers, but her wardrobe is deliberately highlighted to solidify her wide-eyed optimism. With Lily Collins at the helm, a young actress often compared to Audrey Hepburn, it’s impossible not to fall madly in love with the series’ nostalgic and romantic style.


The most life-changing style ideas don’t always have to come from contemporary fashion. Set during England’s Regency era, “Bridgerton” delivers binge-worthy drama in the finest period costumes as a group of siblings struggle to find love. Despite the cast wearing corsets and hoop skirts, the show’s lavish style is still accessible enough to dress in current trends.

Gossip Girl

Fashion is not without its drama. For fashionistas who can’t get enough of soap operas, there is nothing juicier than “Gossip Girl.” Set in an exclusive high school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, an anonymous Gossip Girl spreads the scoop on the scandals surrounding the school’s wealthiest students. The 2007 original series and updated reboot is currently airing on HBO Max. But don’t expect the same fad to shift from show to show. Eric Daman, who serves as a costume designer on both shows, taps into his mean girl spirit through designer labels for the former and inclusive financial wisdom for the latter. From prim prep school to ’90s inspired dark academy, there are plenty of looks to induce wardrobe envy.

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Catwalk project

“One second you’re in and the next you’re out,” famous model Heidi Klum declared on the reality competition show “Project Runway.” For the past fifteen years and counting, aspiring designers face unconventional challenges to win a grand prize. Even if fashionistas aren’t interested in creating clothes from scratch, the behind-the-scenes process of curating a cohesive look is essential in bringing out one’s signature style. Watch the series from the beginning or a listed season, and selecting outfits from concept to “runway ready” will be more creatively rewarding in no time.

Sex and the city

From the infamous Post-It breakdown to cementing the Cosmopolitan as a must-have girls night out, “Sex and the City” left an indelible mark on New York City relationships, culture, and friendship. However, if there is one element that the series influenced the most, it is fashion. Filled to the brim with designer labels and vintage haute couture, columnist Carrie Bradshaw and her friends paved a way for how women and the industry in general dress. With the subsequent movies and the reboot, the growing interest remains unmatched in what and “who” the characters wear. For anyone with a keen interest in fashion, “Sex and the City” is tailor-made for inspiration.


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