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The 7 impressive types of photography you can do with your mobile

If we tell you that cell phone cameras are of better quality, we are not telling you anything that you do not already know, but the truth is that this helps a lot to ensure that the photographs taken by this type of device become real works art sometimes.

It may be that a few years ago, if you wanted a mobile phone with a good camera, you had to buy a high-end device, but today, all of this has become very widespread.

The flagship mobile phones of the brands are still the ones with the best sensors, but the terminals of the so-called premium mid-range and mid-range, do not detract at all in terms of their photographic section.

That is why many more people can take very good photographs, without much effort, because their terminals allow them to do so.

But it is also true that there are certain types of photographs that are not only good, but also spectacular. To achieve them, you have to know how they work in general, so that, from then on, it depends more on the originality of each user.

Let’s see some of those photographs where we can leave others with their mouths open. Keep in mind that for some you will have to ask for the help of your friends, since it is impossible for one person to do them alone.

Types of photographs:

Photos with movement

This type of photography is very spectacular, since in addition to the main image something else comes out that gives it a very attractive unfocused touch.

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It is a type of photography that lends itself to all the variants that can occur, since it allows an endless number of enormous types.

It is about placing the mobile camera in front of something that we consider to be the main thing in the photo. Let’s take a person as an example.

Well, keeping that person as the main person, when taking the photograph, we will consider placing another type of object or objects, that go with the theme, in front so that, without breaking the aesthetic, they are launched as out of focus, giving greater volume. and dynamism to the whole.

You could also put something on the person, like a scarf, that another person or people move that accessory and thus get a photo with the person as the main person and the scarf in motion.

nature framing

Another type of photography that also has a very special touch is to focus on an object, a monument or a person, with trees, flowers or leaves around.

The result will be a main focus, with nature (leaves or flowers) on the sides or to the side slightly out of focus.

It is a photograph whose main problem, especially when it comes to monuments, is finding the right place.

light trails

For this type of photography, use a tripod and of Manual mode of our smartphone.

We must wait for the light goes out and at that moment we can use a road where many cars pass or a light which we will move continuously.

You have to put the slower shutter speed and calculate the time it will take to go through the image, the light that we move or the cars that pass in front of us.

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We put the seal on a few seconds below than we have calculated, we move the ISO a little above 400 and set the timer of the camera making it coincide with the light that passes in front of us.

With this, it will be seen as a beam of light through the photo, seeing the route that the photo has taken, whether it is the light of cars or a flashlight.

black and white

All smartphones leave us take black and white photosbut the truth is that there are certain snapshots that are more spectacular than others.

For example, a sky with clouds to start raining is a photo that lends itself to being taken in black and white, because it will be very spectacular.

Photographs of people walking also look great, as long as they have shadows, since the shadow effect in color photos is really nice.

nearby photos

If we have a terminal with a quality macro sensoris the perfect companion to take advantage of it and get close photographs that can be exceptional.

This type of snapshot may be advisable to take in something that has to do with nature and that normally we can’t see with the naked eye. Of course, we insist that the macro sensor must be good, because if we do it with the zoom, the quality will lose many integers.


This type of photography is very spectacular because what effects is a background blurlike bokeh, but with a main subject that is moving.

This is achieved by using a speed of relatively slow shutter (1/20s is fine) and taking the photo while we are walking next to the person or object that moves next to us.

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It is advisable that our smartphone has a good image stabilizer or, if not, use a gimbal to get it.


There are certain photos such as those that they are backlit that come out very spectacular and that, despite what it may seem, for us to get decent snapshots, it doesn’t take much expertise.

It is true that the better the camera, and the better you handle photography, the difficulty and spectacularity will grow many integers, but it is true that good results can be achieved, not being a master.

To achieve this, the trick is measure the light in the illuminated part of the sky, the fire or the bright element of the scene. In this way silhouettes will come out against the illuminated background of whatever there is like people, buildings, leaves or whatever.

With these 7 types of photos you can take some snapshots that will amaze your friends and family.

Everything is a matter of practice, of course, so you can start doing them right now and achieve great results.

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