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The 7 most popular applications that any Android user needs

Your mobile phone needs one of these 7 popular applications that you must install right now in order to be up to date in all possible situations.

Android phones have an application store that collects a huge amount of content. Normally, when we find ourselves before so much content, what happens is that we are overwhelmed and as a result many popular apps stay in the store without giving them a chance.

We have decided to remedy this and We have dived into the list of most popular applications to bring you seven applications that you have to install right now on your Android phone. Of course, we have dispensed with including applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Instagram, which are already enormously popular.

This selection that has been made is not about secret content that has to be discovered, they are applications that are among the most used, but that can still keep a certain mystery for some specific type of user who is not so much into the new trends within the Android phones.


The first of these applications is the social network for short and not-so-short videos that arrived a couple of years ago to steal the throne from Instagram and Facebook. The secret to TikTok’s success is its overall freshness, although it is also a very volatile social network and in which it is easy to get lost for hours. Link to the Google app store.


The next application on the list is Reddit, which at the content level is likely to be quite well known, although at a general level things change. In fact, we are facing an application which can contain a huge amount of information since it works like a network of huge blogs with millions of users. Link to the Google app store.

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This application is widely known among people who spend hours playing video games. What this app allows is quite easy: converse in writing, make calls and video calls. All this within an app that has no ads, works well and has huge communities inside. Link to the Google app store.

pluto tv

Now it is the turn of the application designed to consume streaming content. Pluto TV is a completely free platform that integrates more than forty channels that you can watch from the first moment and without making any kind of registration. Also, integrates more than 1000 films in its catalog. Link to the Google app store.


This application is one of the most popular for all those people who are looking to learn a new language like. Among its many benefits is the fact that it is completely free, has a wide catalog of languages that make it a very interesting utility for all people who want to learn new languages. Link to the Google app store.


There isn’t much to say about this application except that it is a Swiss army knife for all those people who need to have their lives organized in the best possible way. Taking this into account we find an application with infinite properties and that allows you to create absolutely anything. Link to the Google app store.


A social network could not be missing to close this compilation. If we start with TikTok, which, unfortunately, is becoming more and more like Instagram in terms of the form of content generated to harvest views; BeReal is a social network that wants you to be real. What you will have to do is take and take a photo when the application asks you and it will be shared with your followers. Link to the Google app store.

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