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The 7-step plan that tries to reinstate Trump in the White House

Former President Trump will participate in the CPAC event.

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Conspiracy stories among Republican supporters of the former president Donald Trump They continue and now a group attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, is distributing a seven-step plan to reinstate the former president in the White House.

The so-called “Trump Card”, first reported by Forbes, resumes the plan for the former president to compete in 2022 for a position in the House of Representatives, which would allow him to take over the presidency, which is currently supported by the Democrat Nancy Pelosi (California).

That way he could “lead” a political trial and removal of the president. Joe Biden and the vice president Kamala Harris and, being the third in the line of succession, Trump would be president again.

The card is reported to have been made and distributed by a group called Patriots SOAR, who is not associated with the CPAC organizers, but attends that meeting.

The plan, which is a complicated path and full of conspiracy theories, would allow the former president to “correct” the minutes on his electoral victory, since according to the Trump group he won in 2020.

Biden and Harris would be accused of “impostors” and wow, former President Trump would return to the White House.

Begining of June, Wayne Allyn Root, a conservative news anchor interviewed the former president, according to the Washington Times, where he suggested that route to return to the fore in national politics and, eventually, to the White House.

“Why not, instead of just waiting until 2024, and I hope you run in 2024, but why not run in 2022 for the United States Congress? A House seat in Florida, win big, lead us to a landslide victory, taking the House for 50 seats and then becoming the Speaker of the House, ”Root said seriously.

The former president took the emergency seriously.

You know, it’s very interesting. That is very interesting. And people have said, run for Senate, okay, run for Senate, but you know what? Your idea could be better. It’s very interesting“, He expressed.

There is no plan so far for Trump to run for a position in Congress, but he has stepped up his rallies and other public appearances en route to the 2022 election, promoting his allies in various states.

This Sunday the former president is expected to participate in CPAC this afternoon and his son Donald Jr. He told Fox News that with his father “you never know” about what he is going to say, but said it will be “interesting.”

“I can assure you that it will be interesting. I can assure you that people will be outraged, “he said.

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