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The 8 Apps that allow you to disconnect and fully live the moment

Although mobile phones are full of distractions and information that they communicate to us instantly, it is also true that we can use them to concentrate, even if right now you don’t know how. There are some applications that will allow us to disconnect and not be so attentive to the smartphone.

It is good for all of us to disconnect from everything technological from time to time, even if it is for a few hours. This is something that is very good as a “detox” mode of everything that has to do with the world of screens, data, notifications and others.

And although it sounds like a contradiction, the truth is that there are certain applications for our mobile devices that can help us disconnect and even track the downtime we need.

These apps control the phone and everything that is generated from it, to get us to escape from the terminal, but all this without turning it off, just in case.

Let’s see which are the ones that can best help us to disconnect:


Thanks to this application we will be able to block a good number of apps or incoming calls that you know that they can bother you.

Can you set it with a timer for a few minutes or hours, then simply get on with the day ahead without distractions.

With OFFTIME we can also create schedules in which certain apps will be blocked, as long as we know that those moments we will not need the mobile.

Something very interesting is that it has a statistics function that can control and measure the time that the screen accumulates without monitoring on our part throughout a day. Good information that can help us a lot.

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Valid for Android and iOS ($0.99).

Digital Detox

multiple challenges to minimize the use of the phone as much as possible. It has from easy challenges, such as not using the phone for 2 hours, to difficult ones that would be a whole day.

In addition, Digital Detox even asks us to put a little money at stake when we do a challenge to reduce the use of the telephone. If we try to leave a challenge early, it will cost us $0.99. And because the app uses the administrator permission of the Android device, simply uninstalling it to get out of detox early isn’t enough.

If you manage to complete the challenges you will get points and you can even see a leaderboard against other users and even challenge friends to join this competition.

It is available for Android.

Digital Detox Dragons

It is a combination that can make you use the phone less, since it combines the time in which you are not aware of the mobile with a game style Dungeons & Dragons, so that all kinds of additions are broken by the terminal.

Digital Detox Dragons makes successfully staying off the phone for set periods, will help to receive experience points. For example, 25 minutes of screen time will earn you 5 experience points.

The more time we spend away from our phone, the faster we will level up and the more damage we will cause to our enemies, the dragons.

It is only valid for installing on Android.


This app will notify your friends if they fail in their digital detox challenges. So that this does not happen, you just have to stay away from the phone during the countdown and thus win, avoiding humiliation in front of everyone who knows you.

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With this app both we and our friends will have one more reason to disconnect from the mobile phone, since whoever doesn’t or does or who goes in the lower positions can be a reason for mockery by others and nothing that we are somewhat competitive, that we won’t like it.

App valid for iOS.


This application called Opal will allow us to establish working hours in which we don’t want to be disturbed, except some applications and websites determined, which we will choose ourselves.

Something that can be even interesting is that when we set a timer, we can make it impossible to stop it, so we are forcing ourselves to comply with what we have commanded.

If you are a person who is often distracted by social networks, Opal is for you, since it is one of its strengths.

It can be downloaded and installed only for iOS.

minimal phone

This is another approach that directly related to what is the appearance of the phonebecause if we make it less attractive internally and so minimalist that we have almost no options, then we will use it less, something that will happen for sure.

This application removes icons from their colors, backgrounds, or transitions and places them as text only or deletes them directly.

In addition, a time reminder will interrupt us if we are browsing social networks, hiding the notifications, which are stored for later viewing.

The home screen will turn into a simple black and white interface. You won’t miss a thing, but the phone is remarkably attractive with far less attention to itself.

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It is only valid for Android


We will have immediate access and appearing on the screen of the number of minutes we have used the phonethe average hours and even data on how long we use the mobile while we walk.

The best phone detox records can be tracked so that we are more aware of our habits. In this way we can learn to spend more time without him.

We will be able to download and install it on both Android and iOS.

One Sec

With this active app every time you try to open your favorite fontthe One Sec app asks you to first pause and take a breath before looking at the latest posts.

In addition to being able to control activity on social networks, you can also block selected apps and websites completely.

The One Sec app invites you to take moments of reflection and relaxationin addition to trying to make you aware of the excessive use you give to the mobile.

It can work on iOS.

With all the applications that you have just seen, it will be easier that everything we have on the smartphone does not distract us and we can dedicate time to what is truly important.

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