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The 8 best foods to unclog arteries naturally

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One of the most fundamental aspects in quality of life and disease prevention is protect the heart and enjoy good cardiovascular health. To achieve this, much has been said about the importance of establishing a healthy lifestyle and eating, in fact they are the most important prevention measures to avoid high cholesterol; considered the precedent par excellence of heart disease. Having too many cholesterol particles in the blood causes them to accumulate on the walls of the arteries And eventually, deposits called plaques can form. The deposits can narrow or block the arteries and generate various complications that in some cases become fatal. The good news is that There are foods with particular benefits to naturally unclog the arteries and fight heart disease. It is true that there are no miracle ingredients, however together with a good lifestyle they are extraordinary allies to improve our path to better general and cardiovascular health. Best of all, they are not just fruits and vegetables. Take note!

1. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a worthy representative of the legume family and are a complete cardiovascular nutritional treasure. They are a wonderful source of protein of plant origin and the most satisfying, that is why they are a good ally to control body weight and blood sugar fluctuations. But nevertheless, what is most striking is that they are full of fiber and potassium, two of the most important nutrients to reduce high levels of high cholesterol and hypertension. In addition, they are very rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help increase “good” cholesterol or HLD and thereby reduce the risk of heart disease and accidents.

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Chickpea salad
Chickpea salad. / Photo: Pixabay

2. Café

Good news for coffee fans, although to date there are numerous studies that support the medicinal properties of coffee and these are largely associated with its high antioxidant content. Which have positioned it as a good ally to protect brain and liver health, body weight and, of course, the cardiovascular system. Coffee can do many positive things for the heart. In fact, Moderate coffee consumption helps lower the risk of coronary heart disease, heart failure, and also stroke. The only recommendation is to bet on the consumption of black coffee, without additives such as creams, sugar and sweeteners.

Lemon coffee for weight loss
Coffee./Photo: Shuttestock

3. Blueberries

Blueberries have become one of the superfoods of the moment and they are also delicious. They belong to the berry family and They are characterized by their high content of various types of antioxidants and nutrients. Best of all, it is very easy to integrate them into the daily diet, they go well in juices, smoothies, salads, with yogurt, in healthy desserts and more. Its powerful compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, which protect heart health and are helpful in the prevention of associated diseases. Besides being good for the heart, it is also a fruit that reduces the risk of urinary infection, gum disease, stomach ulcers, and cancer.

Blueberries. / Photo: Pixabay

4. Figs

Only a few years ago figs were considered a little consumed and popular fruit, the reality is that today things have changed and it is known that they are a fruit packed with nutrients. They are very rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and especially fiber, they provide all the nutrients that protect the heart and make it stronger. Specifically, it is known that figs are very rich in calcium and fiber, which benefit cardiovascular health and reverse some of the major effects associated with heart disease.

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Higos./Foto: Pixabay

5. Flax seeds

It is well known that foods that shine for their content of Omega-3 fatty acids, without fundamentals in a diet focused on protecting the heart. However, we usually associate them mostly with foods of animal origin, such as shellfish and fatty fish. The good news is that there are extraordinary sources of plant origin, such as flax or linseed seeds. These seeds are widely used in healthy recipes and are packed with many antioxidants, estrogens, and other nutrients that improve health and promote heart protection. They are also rich in fiber, essential to eliminate accumulated bad cholesterol.

Flax seeds. / Source: Shutterstock

6. Red hot chili peppers

Spicy foods can be a great ally for general health, they not only provide a lot of flavor, they are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They have positioned themselves as a great ally to protect immune and cardiovascular health. Much of its medicinal benefits are related to its content in an active compound called capsaicin, which is most beneficial in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. So now you know, adding red chili peppers to your dishes is a great way to protect your heart.

Red and orange chili peppers./Photo: Pixabay

7. Ginger

We cannot stop talking about the immense wonders of ginger, which has established itself as one of the best ancient spices and which continues to play an important role today. There is a study in which it was proven that the regular consumption of ginger in the daily routine is of great help to reduce the risk of heart diseases such as blood pressure and coronary heart disease. It is also delicious and provides great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. And if it were pore, it is very easy to integrate it into the daily diet in infusions, juices, smoothies, soups, sauces and stews.

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Jengibre./Foto: Shutterstock

8. Oranges

In general, the family of citrus fruits is one of the best dietary additions to improve health in many aspects, they are satiating, rich in vitamins, low in calories, rich in fiber and moisturizing. Oranges, which are not only ideal for quenching thirst, are powerful cardiac protectors, attract a special attention. In fact, oranges are very helpful in absorbing cholesterol associated with eating certain foods. The fruit is loaded with vitamin C, fiber, potassium and nutrients that help eliminate excess sodium from our system. Consuming the fruit also lowers blood pressure and neutralizes unhealthy proteins.

Strawberries and oranges
Oranges / Photo: Pexels

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