Tuesday, September 21

The 8 places in Latin America that “Time” recommends visiting in its list of the 100 best places of 2021

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Salar de Uyuni

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The Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is a peculiar site for tourism in the region.

The Mexican city of La Paz and the Patagonia National Park in Chile are almost 9,000 kilometers apart, different climates and more than 800 meters apart in their average altitude.

However, these two places in Latin America have something new in common: they appear in the list of the 100 “best places in the world” to explore in 2021 that the American magazine has drawn up. Time.

In total, there are eight Latin American sites that the publication recommends exploring this year, in a list that includes from classic tourist destinations, such as the cities of Paris or New York, to more remote places such as the city of Nuuk in Greenland or North Goa in India. .

The magazine explained that to draw up its third annual list of this type, it requested nominations of places from its correspondents in different regions, “with an eye to those that offer new and exciting experiences.”


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