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The 9 best adventure games for Android of 2022 and that you have to download right now

If you are looking for adventure games for your Android phone, we have 9 interesting proposals that you should download right now on your mobile device.

Mobile phones are devices that have almost infinite utilities. And, it is that, at present, they have a large number of functionalities, from taking photographs, videos, watching movies, serving as a work and entertainment center.

This last capacity is what interests us today. You don’t need to push your device to the max all the time or be productive 24 hours a day sometimes, the only thing necessary is to lie on the sofa to rest and play a few games.

To help you choose the best games to spend your time with, we’ve been collecting a number of interesting games. In the past we have seen action and shooting titles and now what we have to do is see adventure games.


Greek mythology intersects with a graphic novel art design in this work where nothing is what it seems. The mission you have to accomplish is to escape from the labyrinth where the protagonists are, but this is not going to be easy due to all the creatures that lurk in it and, also, the drama that both protagonists will have to face to find out who they really are. Direct link to the game in the Play Store.


Terror, adolescence and an impeccable artistic section are the three basic pillars that make up Oxenfree. The genre of this adventure is the thriller and, above all, focused on the supernatural elements that can lurk in the darkest corners of any place. It all starts when a small group of friends opens a spectral rift that will change their lives forever, but not for the better. They will have to face the events they have caused and all this without losing their identity. Direct link to the game in the Play Store.

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Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne plunges you into a world where everything forgotten has found its place. Although the proposal sounds strange, the truth is that it is a quite sentimental title where the adventure is different for each user. On a graphic level, what is interesting is that it mixes several genres and has an aesthetic in the characters taken from anime. The adventure begins the moment you fall into this world, but you will have to make your way until you reach the human world. Direct link to the game in the Play Store.

pokemon go

At this point there is little to say about Pokémon GO, but for those who are still suspicious of this game, the truth is that it is one of the best adventures you can have with your mobile phone. The first is the fact of having to leave the house, move and, therefore, not only new spaces are discovered in the game world; they are also made in real life. If you haven’t gotten around to it yet, give it a try because you won’t regret it. Direct link to the game in the Play Store.

Life is Strange

Elections are much more important than we might think. Life is Strange is proof of this and it does so in the form of episodes where each path we take will mean a different ending.. We will take control of a teenager who has to face high school and life, but who by chance has obtained the ability to rewind time. She will try to solve all the problems that come her way, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to escape fate. Direct link to the game in the Play Store.

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Unlike many of the games in this collection, Terraria doesn’t shine for its spectacular graphics. The magic of this title is the way it has to get the players to fall prey within all their possibilities and, in Terraria, almost everything is possible and for this reason its infinite proposals make it offer hundreds of hours of play. In addition to being the perfect example to take into account when we talk about a game of this genre. Direct link to the game in the Play Store.


Rockstar Games has many more games than Grand Theft Auto and in fact Bully is one of those games that many users don’t know about; but after playing a couple of games they end up falling in love. This title is thug and unrestrained, the protagonist is a preteen who mixes the destructive personality of Bart Simpson with the violence of Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai. This being the case, it would be expected that the environment would be almost a war camp, but Bully is framed in a boarding school for teenagers. Direct link to the game in the Play Store.

Pascal Wager’s

There is no concrete way to describe Pascal’s Wager, and this title makes several genres its own.yes The first thing that stands out is its inspiration in dark fantasy, which makes the atmosphere dim and full of different elements that can remind us of books like The Lord of the Rings or, also, any content of Lovecraft’s prose. It is an interesting title capable of absorbing the user from the first moment. Direct link to the game in the Play Store.

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The world of Grimvalor is bleak, suffocating and, above all, dark. The setting is made to play with all the senses and lose all hope. You will take control of a lone warrior who has to face a multitude of enemies because his mission is to restore the kingdom that has fallen into the hands of chaos. Direct link to the game in the Play Store.

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