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The 9 best retro games for Android mobiles

If you like retro games, we have compiled nine titles that you can download right now on your Android phone to start playing as soon as possible.

Mobile phones have become total entertainment centers and this means that many users use them both to watch movies and series and, above all, to play any type of title found in the Google app store.

That yes, normally when talking about mobile games we usually think or imagine shooting games in which you have to eliminate enemies frantically and with a few unimaginable graphics or that have little to envy to those of last generation consoles. The best example of this is the arrival of Apex Legends on mobile.

But there are also other types of games that can be used on mobile phones and these are retro titles or retro aesthetics. For the youngest, the fact of seeing pixels like fists in some games may put them off, but it is always advisable to give them a try as they are loaded with fun.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

First up on this list is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This title has been around since 1997 and can now be enjoyed on mobile phones. It is a mandatory game for those who love a mixture of action and adventure with two-dimensional graphics and, above all, for fans of this wonderful saga. Direct download link to the Play Store.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

If you like role-playing and action, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is your game. The adventure presented to us in this title has the task of creating a character capable of defeating all his enemies and, of course, saving the world. You will have to face titans in order to protect everything you love. Direct download link to the Play Store.

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Chrono Tigger is a classic role-playing game par excellence, in fact, it is possibly one of those generational games that marked the lives of many people and that started them in the world of video games. For many it is the best game developed by Squaresoft. Not for nothing all the art is marked by the pen of Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball. Direct download link to the Play Store.


Leaving aside role-playing games mixed with action, now it’s time to talk about arcade titles. And, it is that, this genre of video games marked the beginning of many hobbies. R-TYPE is one of the best examples of it. What we will find are eight levels with three different types of controls with which to fully enjoy this experience. Direct download link to the Play Store.

Crazy Taxi Classic

The most absolutely insane taxi in the history of video games. Sega marked one of the most iconic games and has even inspired movies made in Hollywood. In this taxi you will have to take passengers from one place to another in the city and it is rewarded to arrive as quickly as possible. Direct download link to the Play Store.

Streets of Rage Classic

Punches, kicks and, above all, broken bones. Streets of Rage Classic is a game for those who are passionate about action based on blows and this is noticeable as soon as you see the aesthetics of the title. In it we will find several characters with whom to fight in street battles where the only thing that matters is being the strongest. Direct download link to the Play Store.

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Continuous shooting, a screen full of enemies and a lot of energy could be the perfect definition of Blazing Star.. This arcade title has simple mechanics, but they make it perfect for anyone who wants to start shooting left and right in order to have fun. Direct download link to the Play Store.


There is not much to say about Space Invaders, a classic game among classics. You have to protect the earth from an alien invasion that arrives in the form of spaceships made up of pixels. and that they have complex movement patterns that make it difficult to figure out their next steps. Direct download link to the Play Store.

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