Sunday, December 10

The absence of two teachers per center gives a respite to the directors

An average of two teachers per drop-off center, And mostly with the incorporation scheduled for this week, it gives a break to the directors of schools and institutes in the province who feared a greater disaster due to the ravages of the covid this Christmas.

“In principle, the fear that existed in the return to class was enormous because we did not know how many could be absent, but having one or two absent is surprising within the situation“, says the director of the El Palmeral school, Rosa Pinto.

The balance that he makes can be generalized based on the situation pointed out in the rest of the schools and institutes consulted by this newspaper, which also did not observe significant absences among the students.

“One or two children per classroom, depending on the groups, and the rest have attended normally,” they corroborate.

They think that the situation cannot be considered “excessively troublesome“because the teacher losses would be around 6%, far from the 10% to 20% that the representatives of the directors feared before the centers opened this Monday after the Christmas holidays.

On December 22, the last day of class, Covid dropouts only accounted for 0.5% of the more than 78,000 female and male teachers in educational centers supported with public funds. That volume of casualties is half of what there was a year before, on December 22, 2020.


From Education they point out that, unlike January 2021, a year ago now, “teachers are immunized and, therefore, with more reinforcement teachers than the previous year and with immunized staff, tensions due to teacher losses due to Covid they are not expected to be higher than those of January 2021 when the student body entered the educational centers with total normality after the Christmas holidays “.

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However, they claim to be “speeding up to the maximum the processes of replacement of teachers and the allocation of places have not stopped during the holidays since last December 28 we removed to adjudication the vacancies due to retirements that have occurred at the end of the year with the so that the centers have the templates covered at the beginning of the classes on Monday, January 10 “.

In public centers, to cover all the withdrawals reported by the educational centers, three weekly placements are awarded, two ordinary (Monday and Wednesday) and one extraordinary (Thursday) due to the difficult-to-cover procedure.

“We will speed up these weekly continuous awards to the maximum to cover the teacher losses that occur, as we did last year when at the worst moment of the pandemic (in a very adverse situation, since the teachers had not yet been immunized) more than 1,600 teacher withdrawals between the last week of January and the first of February “, they underline to INFORMATION questions.

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