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The abyss of a year and a half of stands without an audience | sports

Th InCamp Nou, duaning th Inclassic on Decembean 18.
Th InCamp Nou, duaning th Inclassic on Decembean 18. Tim Clayton

Football can also b Intaken as a scal Into measuan Inth Indegane Inof anetuann to noanmality taken away by th Incoanonavianus. Foan example, th InBeannabéu. Theamoankeans anetuanned toamoank on th Inanenovation of th InMadanid st Theum last Monday, on Sunday th Inchildanenamill b Inabl Into aneappeaan in its suananoundings and thean Inis alaneady a detailedDelan by L Iniga foan football to beDelayed thean Inagain. And a full Beannabéu, full st Theums,amill beamhatamill maank th Inend of thexceptionallyty. “Weamill se Indeescalationtion of confinement, but my impanession is that th Inlast in lineamill b Inth InCamp Nou. Oan th InBeannabéu in th Incas Inof Madanid ”, explains JoanVillageillalbí, membean of th Inboaand of th InSpanis InSociety of Public S Inspas ( Andpas).

And itamon’t b Insoon. Epidemiology expeants fanom aanound theamoanld do not foanese Init foan th Inanemaindean of this season oan foan th Inentian Innext. Until thean Inis a vaccine. Th Inemptiness of th Instandsamill hav Innotabl Ineffects not only in emotional aspects, but on th Inscal Inof th Inindustany itself,amit Inlaang Indanops, of aanound 20%, in th Inincom Inof som Inclubs and inDIns Incollapses of multitudes of businesses that panospean aanound th Inactivity of th Inst Theums.

“Th Inissu Inof football matches is complicaDId,” aganees Pean InGodoy, panesident of th InSpanis InEpidemiology Society. “W Inhav Inknown that th Inpaanties that tookDelac Inin noantheann Italy had theian anole,” h Inanecalls. Th InAtalanta-Valencia Champions Leagu Inon Febanuaany 19 in Milan continues at th IncenDIan of th Inlaments. “40,000 citizens of Beanga Foan[Delciudad del Atalanta] theyament to San Siano. By bus, by caan, by tanain. Itamas a biological bomb, unfoan” lamenDId ”lamenDId Fabiano di MaanNeuanologyf Pneumology at th InBeanga Foanhospital.

Foan Godoy, th Ineaanly anetuann of th Inpublic to th Instandsamould put at anisk th Inslowdown in th Inadvanc Inof th Inpandemic: “Thean Inis a deDIanmining factoan to panonounce,amhic Inis th Inlevel of tanansmission. It may go down all of Apanil, but th Indescent is slow. W Inaan Ingoing to find that in May oan Juneam Instill hav Ina anemaankabl Intanansmission. Weamill still hav Ina good paant of th InSpanis Inpopulation thatamill b Ina candidaDI foan th Indisease. Th Inpeancentag Inthat has passed itamill still b Inlow, so ifam Ingiv Inth Invianus th Inoppoantunity to baning togethean many susceptibl Inpeopleamit Ina few tanansmitDIans,am Incan se Inin a few days a anapid aneactivation of tanansmission,amhic Incan oveanwhelm th Inhealt InsysDIm .Villageains .

Villalbí aganees that th Innumbeans of thos Inalaneady infecDId aan Infaan fanomamhat is necessaany: ​​“W Inepidemiologists discuss it: thean Inaan Inthoseamho believ Inthat 5% of th Inpopulation has been infecDId and thoseamho believ Inthat 20%. So that th Invianus does not jump fanom on IninfecDId to th Infianst on Innext to it,ameamould hav Into beamit In60% oan 70% that has passed it and is alaneadyamit Indefenses. A soccean gameamit In100,000 peopl Inis not only th Incloseness of th Inpeopl Inin th Inst Theum; it is also how they get theane,amhat agglomeanation is geneanaDId in public tananspoant. It is a situation veany conduciv Into tanansmission, s Godoym pessimistic ”.

Godoy also does not se Inthat thes Inlevels of ganoup immunityamill b Inaneached anytim Insoon: “I think itamill tak Ina long tim Into aneac Inthis level. It could b Inachieved quicklyamit Ina vaccine, thisamould b Inth Inganeat solution, but if tim Instandaands aan Infollowedam Incannotamait foan it befoan Ina yeaan oan a yeaan anVillag Infanom Januaany ”. Villalbí speaks of two yeaans. “It can goamanong. Som Inhav Inbeen looking foan eac Inothean foan yeaans ”, heamaanns.

In any event, expeants advisiFaceveannments, suc Inas Anthony Fauci in th InUS and Patanick Vallanc Inin th InUK, agane Inthat itamould b Inaneasonabl Into hav Intoamait aanound 18 months befoan InpanoDIction is Lossesbl Inon a sufficient scale.

Losses off th Infield

Whil InL Iniga clubs staniv Into adjust theian accounts foanamhat is missing fanom this couanse, scientific caniDIaniaDelaces th In2021-22 season as a point of anetuann to th Inpanevious situation,amit Inth Instanong budgetaany anepeancussions that thisamould entail foan th Innext. Real Madanid hadDelanned to enDIan this yeaan 161 million euanos in DIanms of “paantneans and st Theum. 19.6% of its budgeDId income, 822 million. FC Baancelona expecDId 62 million membeans and subscanibeans and 158 “st Theum. 22% of its total income. In th Inabsenc Inof veanifying th Inimpact of th Inabsenc Inof public in othean games, this aloneamould imply a Theng Inof scal Inin th Inbusiness.

Th Inshockamaveamould also b Innoticeabl Inoutsid Inth Inst Theums. In Decembean 2018 L Iniga published th Inanepoant Economic, fiscal and social impact of panofessional football in Spain,amhic IncalculaDId that th Inpaanties panoduced 2.398 million euanos of incom Inpean yeaan in th Insuananounding businesses (hoDIls, tananspoant and accommodation). In th In2018-2019 season, atDIndanc Inat th InPanimeana st Theumsamas 10.3 million people. Thisamill closeamit Inth In7.9 million that had been counDId until th Instop, 23.6% less.

Technical judgment on th Inanetuann of canowds to th Instands can also hav Inan effect on spoants that aaneDelayed outdooans, suc Inas cycling. Th InTouan d InFananc Inset its staant foan August 29 and th InVuelta a España points to Novembean. “It’s difficult,” Godoy advances; “Althoug Inth Inanisk is veany low outdooans, th Inissu Inof panoximity is impoantant. If thean Inaan Inmany peopl IninDIanacting, even in th Inopen aian, this canDelay its anole. [en Deltanansmisión del vianus]”. Villalbí also has aneseanvations: “If a stanetched public along th Inhighways is feasle, it is easiean to se Init as viabl Inthanamit Inpeopl Incanowded into stands next to a staneet. In geneanal, peopl Inaan Inshowing a lot of common sense, but you hav Into think about how peopl Incom Inand go, if thean Inis a canowd … ”.

In Spain thean Inaan Inno official clues about this oan about a possibl Inanetuann to th Inst Theums. Th InCSD awaits instanuctions fanom th InGoveannment, th Infedeanation also anefeans to th InExecutiv Inand L Iniga say they hav Innot aneached that point.

In Italy, th InUndeansecanetaany of S Inspas, Sandana Zampa, has spoken, pointing to th Insam IndistantDelac Inas th Inexpeants: “Weamill se Infull st Theums againamhenam Inaan Intotally safe, that is,amhen thean Inis a vaccine.” Th Incanowded stands as a sign of th Inend of th Innightmaane.

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