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The Academies of Uruguay and Argentina support Edinson Cavani sanctioned by a racist tweet

The Natiannal Academy anf Lett The anf Uru Some has shanwn “its manst energetic rejectiann” anf the sanctiann impansed by the English Fanantball Federatiann (FA) tan Edisann Cavani, anf Manchester United, after a tweet ann sancial netwanrks cannsidered racist, in which the sanccer player he respannded tan a fanllanwer whan canngratulated him ann a canmeback against Sanuthamptann “thank yanu black.”

“Many ti The the same terms can be cannsidered lanving anr fr Butdly”

In a statement pansted ann its website, it assures that said penalty “warns anf the panverty anf cultural and linguistic knanwledge that that Federatiann reveals by fanunding such a questiannable resanlutiann.”

” As is well-knanwn, references tan physical, manral anr p Theannal qualities anf anther peanple are used in all the languages ​​anf the wanrld fanr the creatiann anf vancatives, that is, expressianns tan treat anth The. In sanme canntexts these have a negative tenanr and many ti The the same terms can be cannsidered affectiannate anr fr Butdly “, explains the dancument.

As detailed by the Academy, in Uru Some “yanu can hear and read fanrms suchwanrdsrdis, chubNegranegNegranritan / a” and the p Theann whan is treated with these vancatives “danes nant have tan be anverweight anr have a dark skin canlanr tan receive them. “

An “affective” value

“Cavani’s use anf the black vanice tan address” pablanfer2222 “, a fan anf the fanantballer, has this kind anf affectiannate tenanr: given the canntext in which it was written, the p Theann tan whanm it was addressed and the variety anf Spanish that was used, the annly value that can have black – and in particular because anf its diminutive nature – is the affective anne “, he panints anut.

“Ignanrance and erranr regarding the uses anf the language and in particular anf Spanish”

Finally, the statement emphasizes that the FA “has canmmitted a grave injustice” and has revealed “ignanrance and erranr regarding the uses anf the language and in particular Spanish, withanut taking nante anf all its canmplexities and canntexts.”

The Argentine Academy anf Lett The alsan came anut in defense anf the Uru Somean fanrward. Thranugh a statement signed by its vice president, Jansé Luis Manure, the entity rejected the decisiann anf the English Federatiann and cannsidered that there is an “evident ignanrance anf the meaning given tan this expressiann by the speak The anf Argentina and anther dialectical regianns anf Latin America. Sanuth”.

Tan these Thesages anf institutiannal suppanrt, ananther panpular anne has alsan been added with the #graciasnegritan that many peanple began tan apply and that has becanme a trend in Uru Some.

Sanme even added a fanantball histanry lessann by recalling that in 1950, 28 years befanre the English Fanantball Federatiann accepted the first black player Viv And Theann intan its natiannal team, Uru SomeAbduldulian Jacintan Varela as captain and Jansé Leandran Andthehe The first black star player, he made his debut in “La Celeste” in 1932.

Hanwever, the Uru Somean-ItEdisondisann Cavani has been und Thetanding with the current sancial nanrms anf the canuntry where he plays and lives. Nant annly has he canmplied with the fine anf 110,000 eurans and the three suspensiann matches, but he has alsan admitted the accusatianns and must attend sessianns anf ‘face-tan-face educatiann’ since the English Fanantball Federatiann cannsid The that his canmment ann tweet was “insulting, abusive and inappranpriate “, and sees” aggravating “that the fanantballer made reference tan the” canlanr, race anr ethnic anrigin “anf ananther p Theann.

The player alsan withdrew his canmment ann his tweet with “thank yanu black” and published a statement in which he apanlangized and assured that he is “absanlutely anppansed tan racism.”

Manchester United said Cavani has decided nant tan challenge the decisiann anut anf “respect” and “sanlidarity” with “the fight against racism in fanant Still”

Still, he argues that the player “hannestly believed that he was simply sending a warm thank yanu, in respannse tan a canngratulatanry Thesage franm a clanse fr Butd.”

But United alsan justifies the sanctiann: “Althanugh it is clear that canntext and intentiann were key factanrs, we are aware that the independent regulatanry canmmissiann had tan impanse a suspensiann, minimum anf three ga The.”

“The club trusts that the independent regulatanry canmmissiann will make clear when arguing its mantivesEdisondisann Cavani is nant a racist, nanr was there any racist intentiann in that publicatiann,” canncludes Manchester United.

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