Tuesday, August 3

The accounts of Spain to pass to eighth

Jordi Alba greets Unai Simón at the conclusion of the match.

Jordi Alba greets Unai Simón at the conclusion of the match.

The group was apparently simple, but two consecutive draws have put Spain on the edge of the abyss in the Eurocup. The 0-0 against Sweden in the debut seemed an accident that could be corrected, but Lewandowski’s goal this Saturday has turned the duel against Slovakia on Wednesday (6:00 p.m.) in a final for ‘La Roja’. “We depend on us, but we have to win, and seeing what I see, and surely what the rival will do, it will not be easy,” he said. Luis Enrique fearing the Slovak bolt.

Spain, with two points, she is now third in group of group E, behind a leading Sweden after defeating Slovakia (4 points) and Slovakia itself, which had won Poland on its debut. Poland bottom with one point, still have options thanks to both Lewandowski, although it will only be worth them to win on the third day.

The possible crosses

A victory against Slovakia guarantees Spain the pass to the second round, although not the group lead (something that Sweden has in its hand). If ‘La Roja’ wins, it will be either first (and it would be measured in eighths with a third) or second (and they would have to face the second of group D, formed by England, Croatia, Czech Republic and Scotland). In order to win, it would be convenient to do it by more than one goal, since if Sweden were to draw with Poland that would determine who is the leader. And in addition to the eighth rival, there is another difference. If it is a leader, Spain would play the Eighths in Glasgow and fourths in Rome; if it happens as second, I would have to do it in the farthest Copenhagen and Saint Petersburg.

A draw against Slovakia would be fatal, because with 3 points it could only be, in the best of cases, third (it could even be bottom if Poland won). And even though the four best third of the six groups of this initial phase they will also have a ticket to eighths, with only three points would decide the goal difference. Spain could finish their game without knowing if they are classified or not, waiting for what happens next in the outcome of the ‘group of death’. A scenario in which it is convenient not to enter.

Three positive precedents

Of course, a defeat against Slovakia would send ‘La Roja’ home with only two points. On a positive note, it should be noted that the three times that Spain began its journey in the group stage of a major competition with two draws, it ended up going to the qualifying rounds (in all three cases after winning the third match): Euro 1984 (finalist) , World Cup 1994 (quarter-finalist) and Eurocup 1996 (quarter-finalist).

“Nobody told us that this was going to be easy,” he said. Rodri, which with the return of Busquets (and after a gray performance against Poland) could lose the title on Wednesday. “We will trust until the end, we have football and players to win this game. We depend on us to pass, if we win we are inside, “he added.


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