Wednesday, June 16

the accounts of the three contenders for the title

  • Atlético has the first ‘match ball’ to be champion this Sunday, although it depends on Madrid to close the title.

  • Barça needs to win the remaining two days, that Atlético do not add more than one point and that Madrid do not add four

The League seemed sentenced at the end of the first round and, after many ups and downs, although always with the rojiblanco team in the lead, reaches its last two days with three teams aspiring to the title. Seven years later, those of Diego Simeone They could sing the alirón this same Sunday (Unified schedule day, 6.30pm), although they could also arrive behind Madrid on the last day (Sunday 23), which Barça has enough numbers to face without options to be champion. These are the accounts of the three applicants to the League.

Atlético’s accounts (1st, 80 points)

Matchday 37: Atlético-Osasuna

Matchday 38: Valladolid-Atlético

Atlético is five points away from being champion. If you win your two games you are guaranteed the title. If he clicks on one of them (either a loss or a draw) he would need Madrid not to win their two games. In other words: Atlético has to do at least the same as Madrid do so as not to be caught by the whites, always adding at least two points so that Barça could not surpass him. The mattresses could even be champions this Sunday if they win and Madrid don’t. His first rival, Osasuna, nothing is played, while the Valladolid or he will be either relegated or risking salvation on the last day.

Madrid’s accounts (2nd, 78 points)

Matchday 37: Athletic-Real Madrid

Matchday 38: Real Madrid-Villarreal

The Madrid needs a puncture from Atlético to aspire to the League. Winning both games and not having your neighbor do it would allow them to revalidate the title. Other more bizarre combinationsLike adding only four points and Atlético puncturing in their two commitments, but not even in a league as atypical as this one does it seem feasible. The tie on points with Atlético favors him, also with Barça and he would also be the winner in a triple draw and even in a quadruple draw with Sevilla. What is clear is that this Sunday can not be champion. Your calendar? A hard match in San Mamés and another that could be placid in Valdebebas before a Villarreal with his mind on the final of the Europa League (if this Sunday he leaves his presence in Europe tied).

Barcelona’s accounts (3rd, 76 points)

Matchday 37: Barcelona-Celta

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Matchday 38: Eibar-Barcelona

Barça has wasted up to three opportunities this season to take the lead and pays for it with its few options in this final League sprint. Everything that is not winning his two games and reaching 82 points rules him out mathematically, since he has lost the golaveraje with Atlético (and with Madrid). So your options are to win and wait that Atlético play in the two remaining days (two losses or one loss and one draw) and that Madrid also lose one of their two commitments or draw both (In other words, do not add four points). Even beating the Celtic, if Atlético win this Sunday, the Catalans will face the last match against him Eibar (which could already be descended) without any option.

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