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the accusation also sees the story of the self-indicted as plausible and asks that he testify as soon as possible




The confession of a drug addict prisoner to being the material author of the murder of Míriam Vallejo Pulido, who was stabbed 89 times in a place in Meco on January 16, 2019, continues to pivot in the investigation of this intricate case. As ABC anticipated, the inmate, at Christmas 2020 and after spending a few months with the first suspect, Sergio SM, accused himself of these events before his therapists at a detoxification center. And he disassociated Sergio, roommate and boyfriend of the victim’s best friend at the time of the event, from having participated in the homicide.

The defense of this young man, who spent four months in provisional prison between August and December 2019, requested the taking of a statement from Alberto, the drug addict in question.

And so the judge of the case decided, from Alcalá de Henares, despite the refusal of the Civil Guard to trust that testimony. Now it is also the private prosecution, which represents Miriam’s family, which has sent a letter to the magistrate also requesting that she be questioned: it considers that the self-incriminating testimony is plausible and requests that a statement be taken as soon as possible. Thus, both one party and the other agree, on this occasion, that the murder of Mimi (as her relatives knew her) could have been committed by this second person.

In addition, the defense of Sergio SM will request that the psychological and psychiatric reports of the prisoner in question in November 2020, when he was released (later returned to prison), be incorporated into the case; considers that, if he was then able to get out of prison, he must have been in normal conditions at the time he indicted himselfthat December.

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In this way, it intends to support the hypothesis that Alberto did not make such manifestations as a result of a disorder or as a consequence of his drug addiction. Quite the opposite of the
Civil Guard
, who a year after these last events sent the report on the matter to the Alcalá de Henares court: the investigators concluded that the story could not be believed, among other things, because he was a drug addict and because of the delay in completing it, almost two years after the event. In this sense, the Armed Institute details that he could have done it before, when he went to a barracks to report other events.

Geolocation of the subject

At the moment, there is no date for Alberto’s statement in court. The judge wants to wait for the definitive results of the comparison of her DNA with the remains found in Míriam’s sweatshirt and others that can be analyzed, and then she will determine the day of the interrogation. What is certain is that Alberto is already listed as being investigated (before, accused) in the case.

Of course, the comparison of the mobile phone signals on the date and time of the crime (between 8:40 p.m. and 8:50 p.m. on that January 16, 2019) place it in the area; however, it is true that he is relatively close to the municipality of Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara), where he lived, although the telephone points him to Meco (Madrid), and it could have been picked up by the same antenna.

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The investigation of the summary has been extended another six months, after various exhausted deadlines, by becoming a complex cause.

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