Wednesday, January 19

The agenda of a surrender



With Pedro Sánchez, the grandiloquence of the words always hides something that far exceeds the propaganda and theatricality with which he usually announces his decisions. This Monday, Sánchez has consummated in Barcelona an outrage against the authority and credibility of our institutions, from the magistrates who sentenced the separatist coup of that October 1, 2017, to the last minister who today agrees to sign pardons that should cause problems of awareness to more than one. It is not a pompous “reunion agenda” that is underway, but the script of the surrender of an entire government and the surrender of an entire Parliament, taking the vast majority of society hostage to an injustice. Because it is not an act of generosity with the offender who repents and agrees not to reoffend, but an unworthy political strategy that is bringing to their knees millions of Spaniards unable to digest an extortion of this magnitude. It is inexplicable that Sánchez trusts that Oriol Junqueras and the rest of the condemned will not work from now on, and in freedom, due to another declaration of independence. And it is not blindness, or incompetence, or negligence. It is irresponsibility of a president who demands courage from society, but who in turn incurs political cowardice, because it is Junqueras himself who laughs at everyone saying that pardons are proof of the weakness of the State. Unfortunately, he is right about that. What Sánchez does is not only save his legislature by scheduling ERC votes, but agree to a logbook deliberately hidden from the Spanish: we do not know the conditions of his pact with ERC, nor the assignments, nor the calendar … But if the The only irrevocable claim of secessionism is a change of regime based on the fracture of national unity, it is too well understood why the Government is so eloquently silent.

Sánchez has argued that the pardons are the first step towards the construction of a “new Spain” led by a “new Catalonia.” You will have to clarify what a “new Spain” means. Could it be that which the Minister of Justice drew when he said that we are facing another constituent period? Or that other that Pablo Iglesias alluded to when he invited Arnaldo Otegui to participate in the “leadership of the State”? Or the one that Sánchez himself defended when he said in the campaign that if he won the elections he would punish illegal referendums more, he would arrest those who fled from justice like Carles Puigdemont, he would harden the crime of rebellion, and he would never grant pardons? When does Sánchez tell the truth? Because now he is no longer proposing a bland roadmap based on his demagogic conception of progressivism, green and feminist Spain, overactive republicanism, the “social shield” or resilience as axes of his electoral marketing. No. It has designed a serious cession of the State and a political humiliation, it has deactivated very serious crimes, and it is demonstrating that the strength of a State to defend itself against those who attack it is irrelevant because it must be subordinated to opportunistic tacticism. Sánchez has no idea about Spain, its history, the value of the Transition, or what harmony really means. The pardons are an unacceptable swallow that will increase political tension and encourage a much more ideological and combative social breakdown.

Today the PSOE is taking one more step than José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero took in 2004. The former socialist president approved a statutory reform in which Catalonia was defined as a nation -even for rhetorical purposes-, it was attributed exclusive powers of the State, and the Generalitat was given a private license with a dangerously sovereign law. In the end, the TC overthrew many aspects of that Statute. Some articles, in a direct and forceful way; others, by way of interpretation. But it was an unconstitutional statute after all. Today Sánchez, perfecting the insolvency of Zapatero, has not only taken up that challenge to the State, but has multiplied it by imposing de facto a disguised reform of the Constitution for that “new Spain” that he preaches. They are not funny pardons at a time when separatism has given up or “social interest” could justify individualized pardons. Upside down. They are the alibi for a moral rearmament of the independentists, to transmit to Europe that Spain committed an injustice, and to authorize Catalonia to reactivate the path to separate, because our institutions are already dwarfed and defenseless to be sold by Sánchez to the lowest bidder.

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