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The agents detained in the Mérida anti-drug macrooperation testify before the judge

Arrival of the detained agents at the Mérida Palace of Justice, this Friday.

Arrival of the detained agents at the Mérida Palace of Justice, this Friday.

The six officers arrested in the framework of the operation ‘Minuro-Fish’ against the cultivation and trafficking of marijuana in the province of Badajoz have begun to testify before the judge on the morning of this Friday. As is well known, there are five national police officers from the Merida narcotics brigade (the entire unit, including the chief inspector) and a civil guard. This Thursday another agent was arrested of the Merida Police Station that has been released on charges.

The guards have arrived on the 10 a.m. in a van escorted by several cars of police camouflaged to the Palace of Justice of the autonomous capital, where the Court of Instruction Number 3 has taken charge of the proceedings. As judicial sources have confirmed to Europa Press, the detainees in the framework of the operation began to be brought to justice on the night of this past Thursday and it is expected that between yesterday and today 12 people will declare as investigated. The five policemen and the civil guard would be the last to do so.

The operation It was started “at least two years ago” by an investigating court in the town of Torrevieja (Alicante) and Internal Affairs joined last January. It has been dismantled a complex criminal network settled in the province of Badajoz made up of several organizations that interacted with each other and allegedly dedicated to cultivation, processing, handling and subsequent distribution of marijuana.

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Last Tuesday an important device was launched in the towns of Mérida, Valdelacalzada, Esparragalejo and La Garrovilla by which 25 people were arrested. 20 house searches were carried out and four marijuana plantations with more than 3,000 plants were dismantled, among other useful for cultivation.

“Peace of mind and confidence”

Given the seriousness of the events, the Spanish Police Confederation (CEP) has issued a statement to launch a message of tranquility and confidence. The organization recalls that citizens have been positioning the National Police for years as one of the most valued institutions in Spain “and these events should not overshadow the daily work of this group.”

Nevertheless, They appeal to the constitutional right of presumption of innocence and the maximum respect for the right to honor and the image of the agents detainees who assist them like any other citizen, making the necessary legal means available to them.

They also show their total confidence in the work carried out by the Internal Affairs Unit “in their great work of persecuting and eradicating those specific actions that go beyond the law” and they want the action of justice to be quick and effective to clarify these facts.

In addition, they highlight that both the National Police such as the Civil Guard Are the only institutions that have specialized units dedicated exclusively to effectively fight against all kinds of irregularities.

From the CEP they insist on the honesty, honesty and dedication of the vast majority of the members of the National Police and the Civil Guard, and we greatly appreciate the support received from all types of groups and citizens as a result of these latest events.

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