Monday, November 30

The agreement with Citizens for the budget remains on the roof of Oltra

Plenary of the Cortes, yesterday, in the debate of the amendments to the totality of the budgets.  ep

Plenary of the Cortes, yesterday, in the debate of the amendments to the totality of the budgets. ep

Negotiations between Ciudadanos (Cs) and left-wing groups in the Cortes to agree on the Generalitat’s budgets for 2021 are proceeding apace, but the final agreement could remain in the hands of Compromís, specifically, the vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra.

The orange party speaks of “good feelings” in most of the proposals that seek to reinforce investments in health, education and aid to the sectors most affected by the crisis: tourism, hospitality, etc. However, there is an issue that Ciudadanos already points out as the main stumbling block: the amendment, still to be drafted, which will ask to expand the places of residences through public-private collaboration.

The proposal clashes with the philosophy of the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies that, although today it maintains the concert system that it inherited from the popular stage, it wants to bet on the public ownership of social centers. In fact, Oltra’s controversial budget reinforces, above all, the items destined for the construction of public residences. Accepting a Cs amendment that would force you to modify your accounts to increase your dependence on the private sector in social matters could be difficult to fit.

So much so that, according to sources from the orange party, his spokesman in the Cortes, Toni Cantó, is considering asking for a meeting with Oltra in order to overcome reluctance. The request for an interview has not been formalized, but Cantó weighs the pros and cons. For Cs it is important to start this commitment from the Botànic regarding the places of residences since they themselves have been reducing their requests. Even the cut to the Generalitat has remained in “an external audit to advance efficiency.”

It should be remembered that Cantó has held several private meetings with the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, for the budget pact. Meetings that at the time generated misgivings in the Government partners. The photo with Cs benefits Puig above all, since he is the one who would best make the most of a consensus of these characteristics, but Compromís is not enthusiastic about having Cs as a traveling companion, even if it is to achieve a majority and practically historical support of the hemicycle at the Botànic accounts.


The misgivings that Ciudadanos and Compromís profess were evidenced again yesterday in the debate on the amendments to the entire Budget Accompaniment Law with the verbal cross between the spokesperson of Compromís, Fran Ferri, and Citizens deputy Tony Woodward on account of the tax increase. Unides Podem’s trustee, Naira Davo, also blamed Cs for the incongruity of presenting an amendment to the whole of the accompanying law and then reaching out to settle the accounts.

Despite the setback for Ciudadanos that the tripartite party has finally agreed to a tax reform that increases pressure on the upper classes, it continues with its strategy of leaving behind its image as a frontist party to offer its more focused and pactist face. The center-right parties, Vox, PP and Cs, were once again a bloc yesterday as all three voted in favor of returning the text. None of the amendments to the totality went ahead and the law of measures continued its course. Of course, the critical tone of Cs had nothing to do with that of PP and Vox, much harsher in their attack on the Botanic.

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