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The aide who handed the gun to Alec Baldwin says he is “overwhelmed”

Image from the set of ‘Rust’, with Alec Baldwin as the protagonist and producer.

Dave Halls, the assistant director who presented Alec Baldwin with the pistol with which the actor accidentally killed Halyna HutchinsHe said he was “overwhelmed” and “saddened” almost two weeks after the incident.

Halls, a “person of interest” in the investigation carried out by the authorities of New Mexico (USA), assured The New York Post on Monday that he hopes that the tragedy encourage the film industry to “evaluate its values ​​and practices to ensure that no one is harmed again through the creative process.”

“Halyna Hutchins was not only one of the most talented people I have ever worked with, she was also a friend,” she said in her first statements to the press.

The man did not elaborate on the tragedy as the filming crew is prohibited from discussing the matter during the investigation, something that Baldwin himself explained to the paparazzi who followed him this weekend.

As an assistant director, Halls had a duty to supervise the pistol before handing it over to Baldwin. According to other people who say they have worked with him, the professional was fired from a shoot in 2019 for another unwanted shot, although, fortunately, he did not injure anyone.

According to his police statement, released by the Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA) Sheriff’s Office, Halls did not carefully review the gun before rehearsing the scene because he was convinced it contained fake bullets.

According to the document, the assistant remembers examining three compartments of the barrel of the pistol, a Colt 45 revolver, but is not aware of whether the production gunsmith later turned that same barrel.

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Although the man was supposed to give the gun to Baldwin, the supervision of all the weapons present in the shoot was in charge of Hannah Gutierrez Reed, a gunsmith who blamed the film’s producers for not following his recommendations and skipping a studio safety training session.

Also, the gunsmith said he had “no idea” of the origin of the authentic bullets that the investigators have located in the study where the western “Rust” was filmed.

The investigation tries to find out who, and for what purpose, introduced live ammunition into the compound where the director of photography died when she was shot during a test.

Statements from team members working on the production portray a precarious work environment in which protests piled up and for which half a dozen employees resigned on the same day of the tragic accident.

Faced with questions from the press about the possible legal responsibility of Baldwin, who in addition to being the protagonist of the film is one of the producers, the sheriff stressed that “nothing is ruled out.”


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