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The Alicante band Muro María, selected in the Music Lab of the Centro del Carmen de València

The Alicante band Wall Maria has been selected among the six emerging talents that will participate in the first edition of the CCCC Music Lab del Centro del Carmen de València, a laboratory that aims to promote soloists or groups that are beginning their journey.

Muro María, formed by Claudia Zuazo on voice and rhythmic guitar, Rubén Manchón on solo guitar, Jorge Manchado on bass and David Pérez on drums, tries to make music that “makes us break our hips and shake our heads as if they were those of those figures of dogs that were once put in cars “, according to what they say.

The other projects that will be part of this program are Jaime Allepuz (Castelló), elected by popular vote; Y Teyou (Madrid), Taurus (Barcelona), Lightning rod (Barcelona) and Anouck the Band (Valencia), by choice of the jury.

According to the jury that has assessed the 48 proposals submitted, “the score has been widely distributed. Above all, the quality of the proposals has been taken into account on the basis of various criteria and the surprise has been very pleasing when verifying that there has been parity in the resolution and that it has also been widely distributed geographically ”.

All in all, the members of the jury agree that “we will be able to enjoy the talent of very diverse proposals in terms of styles, from pop, ‘postpunk’, ‘indie-rock’, pop-‘rock ‘or urban music, and also with projects by very young artists who have just started together with other proposals with a little more experience ”.

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The director of the CCCC, José Luis Pérez Pont, has shown its satisfaction for “being able to generate from the Valencian Community a emerging talent incubator that serves both to promote the young creation of our territory and to activate their link with other talents from the rest of the Spanish State “and has announced that” in addition to the specific program that is going to be developed with the participants of the CCCC Music Lab, the project has also a public program to which musical artists and all the public in general will also have access “.

Popular vote

The project of the Castellón singer-songwriter Jaime Allepuz It has been the one that has obtained the most ‘likes’ in the popular vote that was opened in the Instagram profile of the CCCC (cccc_centredelcarme), from last Friday at 10 am and until this Monday at the same time. The public have been able to value and vote for their favorite artists, with Allepuz’s project being the most valued, with 771 ‘likes’.

The wide participation of the public stands out, who have left their comments and shared the videos of the ten shortlisted proposals, obtaining more than 16,000 views in total.


The project by Jaime Allepuz (Castelló), as he defines it, “is nothing more than what it took the world to go around the sun 23 times, it is an escape route so the poison doesn’t stay inside. There are a lot of unfinished songs and a few with a bit of a way that are born in my room, but that put the handbrake right at the door ”.

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Teyou (Elena Matateyou) is a young singer, songwriter and actress of Spanish-Cameroonian origin, living in Madrid. From an early age he shows great interest in telling stories with music as a tool. He trained at the conservatory and later graduated in Dramatic Art in Madrid. She is no stranger to the music scene, having worked in recent years with artists such as Xoel López or Carlos Jean, among others.

Taurus (Carles Pineda), from Barcelona, ​​is an artistic project that seeks the meeting point between various branches of production and composition. Through the creation of songs, this proposal aims to capture the essence of self-production with the use of various musical sub-genres such as ‘alt-R & B’, ‘urban’, ‘jazz’ fusion and Latin rhythms.

Lightning rod is a band that was born in Poblenou, the neighborhood of the factories and the beach of Barcelona, ​​as a personal project of Laura Pararrayos, who records the first demo at home. They made their debut in April 2018, already as a band, in the Hi Jauh USB room. Eighties sparkles, crystal clear guitars and luminous melodies shape his project. Currently, Pararrayos are Laura Sorroche (voice and guitar), Víctor Marí (bass), Gonzalo Camacho (drums) and Dani Pamplona (guitar and keyboards).

Wall Maria born from the bowels of a garage in Alicante and goes straight to the heart. Last May they released their first two songs: “La Primera” and Amor en Marbella “, both with indie pop and garage rock overtones.

Anouck the Band is a Valencian alternative ‘rock’ band founded in 2019 by Anouck Peris who, after a few years playing solo, decided to focus their songs towards a more rhythmic and electric style, leaving behind acoustic guitars. Anouck is the singer and rhythm guitarist, Guille Giner is the lead guitarist, Carlos García is the drummer, and Alex Pilato is the bassist.

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Jurado CCCC Music Lab

The jury in charge of evaluating the projects presented has been constituted by Victoria Fenoll, CEO Kos Entertainment and ATM Andrea Bocelli; Ignacio Gallego, Dr. in Communication Sciences and director of the Master of Music Industry and Sound Studies at the Carlos III University of Madrid; Santiago Cano, founder and manager of Caballito Records; María Eguizabal, CEO Vanana Records: Luis Fernández, CEO Sonido Muchacho; Joan Guàrdia, founder and head of La Castanya; Nara Pinto, Mad Cool Festival; Ede, independent artist, and José Luis Pérez Pont, director of the Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Community.

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