Thursday, October 21

The Alicante bipartisan criticizes the Consell for not delaying the perimeter closure on Fridays: “It causes unnecessary damage to thousands of citizens”

A traffic control of the Local Police of Alicante, with the perimeter closure

A traffic control of the Local Police of Alicante, with the perimeter closure

The Alicante Local Police has closed the weekend device with 359 complaints for breaching the perimeter closure and five detainees, after three intense days in which an operation has been organized from Friday to Sunday with more than fifty traffic controls and a total of 11,482 controlled vehicles to face the pandemic in Alicante, according to the Traffic Department.

The mayor of the area, José Ramón González, has stated that “abide by the decision of the Generalitat not to delay the perimeter closure at 6:00 p.m. next Friday, but warns of the great damage that will cause thousands of citizens that decision“, Emphasizing that” the Council proposal was very sensible and avoided unnecessary evils, but the Consell will have the reasons for not carrying it out, after checking the queues and the traffic chaos that it generated in people who were not in breach of the measure and returned from their work or traveled to schools to fetch their children ”.

The weekend balance made by the Alicante City Council is “very positive” according to municipal government sources, since as highlighted by the Security Councilor “so only 3% of citizens have breached it, out of a total of more than 11,000 people who have been intercepted at police controls, for this we want to thank citizens for their commitment and high compliance in a measure that has been very complicated to carry out, and that has been carried out thanks to the effective work carried out by the Local Police of Alicante ”.

Likewise, in the anticovid operation of the Local Police, 37 people have been denounced for not wearing masks and groups, as well as seven for skipping the curfew.

“Specifically in the three days of entry into force of the perimeter closure of the city to stop contagions and reduce mobility, the agents managed to reduce the mobility of entry and exit in our city,” they add from the council. Of the total number of interventions, during Friday 66 acts were imposed on people who breached the perimeter closure, controlling a total of 3,791 vehicles that were intercepted at the ten checkpoints, and on Saturday the sanctions were increased being the day that most intercepted with 151 minutes and a total of 5,181 vehicles, and the device will close on Sunday with 142 complaints and a total of 2,510 vehicles.

The agents of the Fox units and the Police Night Service, during the weekend have also dissolved a total of 17 parties in homes for generating noise and annoyance to neighbors and causing complaints from individuals, and were denounced for noise forcing remove the music, without masks and with meetings of more than six people.

In the operation on Sunday, in addition to the interventions for the perimeter closure, a score of complaints were imposed for not wearing masks, two for narcotic substances, twelve for not wearing a seat belt, one for not having insurance, one for not wearing the ITV and six for the use of the mobile phone in an inappropriate way while driving, as well as two detained, one for a valid order to enter prison and one for a judicial claim.

The Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, has asked once again “not to assume any risk by always wearing the mask with hand hygiene and distances, taking extreme preventive security measures to stop the pandemic, assuming maximum responsibility for good and health of all ”.

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