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The Alicante brothers Funzo & Baby Loud perform in the cycle La Plaza en Vivo in Alicante

Funzo & Baby Loud, the duo of brothers from Alicante.

Funzo & Baby Loud, the duo of brothers from Alicante.

The duo from Alicante Funzo & Baby Loud joins the summer programming of the La Plaza en Vivo cycle of the Alicante Bullring, with a concert that the July 10th.

His work ‘Forever Young’ has the impudence and audacity of someone who has everything to conquer. Funzo & Baby Loud instinctively make music, while trying different sounds and innovating over and over again.

The 2020 was a very successful year for this duo of brothers from Alicante. Achievements like the Platinum Record for “Malibu con piña” and Gold Record for ‘Batmóvil Remix’ next to Pole. and Hens, they have been elevated as two of the protagonists of the New Wave of Spanish urban pop.

Everything has been good news for these Alicante brothers who, despite their youth (17 and 23 years old), accumulate successes of those who are already veterans in music. It is precisely about the passage of time and the vindication of youth that Funzo & Baby Loud sing in this new song. ‘Forever Young’ is an exhibition of vitalism and energy, something that characterizes those of Negative Cloud since its inception.

Funzo & Baby Loud do not take a wrong step. His disk it is an experiment close to the sounds of rock that, however, continues to possess an incorrigible pop spirit. An accurate reading of the industry and public movements that materialize successfully. Thus, they drink from references like Oasis, Estopa or Extremoduro to sign a brave, fun and catchy song where guitars are the protagonists.

‘Forever Young’ is presented as the first sample of what will be the first EP of Funzo & Baby Loud that will see the light in the coming months and of which the artists have already revealed the tracklist on social networks.


They record and mix their songs in their home studio with such a distinctive sound: unapologetic, exciting, fresh and wildly modern. His music is contagious due to its mixture of naturalness and unprejudiced sincerity. It has rained a lot since they appeared in summer 2017 with a YouTube video of the topic ‘Sad Wind’, and since then its progression has been exponential.

They have collaborators of the caliber of the talented Kevin Yern, who is the director of his most ambitious video clips. If the cut manages to hook you from the beginning, once you discover the audiovisual piece behind it you will understand why they are taking off at this speed.

In the alternative media they have already been defined as “the leaders of a new generation” (The Medizine). In this same medium they were presented to us like this a few days ago: “Since” Negative Cloud “, Funzo and Baby Loud have set out to change the sound of the national scene. To contribute something new, something that is like finding gold among so much straw ”.

The talent of this duo is undeniable and the numbers back it up: they have more than four million views on songs like “Poca Suerte” on YouTube and there are also millions of reproductions on his Spotify channel. The last thing they have shown us are other singles like “Cebao”, with lyrics well above the average.

Without being trap they mix elements of this with pop-themed lyrics, Latin rhythms and exquisite beats with the experiences of any teenager, love, heartbreak … It’s not pop either but it does seem to be that, a new pop whose sound we have already been able to identify in other artists such as C. Tangana or Recycled J. but giving it a vibrant twist that puts them at the forefront of the sound that is marking a whole generation .

Tickets for Funzo & Baby Loud They go on sale next Sunday, June 6 at 12 noon.


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