Wednesday, March 3

The Alicante City Council will act firmly and harshly in the face of the illegal parties prepared for this December 31

The streets where the march is concentrated in the center of Alicante will be guarded throughout the day tomorrow

The streets where the march is concentrated in the center of Alicante will be guarded throughout the day tomorrow
Hector Fuentes

The Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, has called today to “extreme all health and security measures on December 31” after attending a coordination meeting with the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and the Minister of Justice, Gabriela Bravo, in which has confirmed the great concern within the Generalitat for the high incidence that the Valencian Community is registering of new cases of covid, andThe growing number of deaths for the same reason and the great pressure that the Valencian health system is suffering due to the growing curve of contagion cases among the population.

The Alicante City Council announced yesterday a crash plan considering December 31 as a “High Risk” day and launched an operation to prevent bottles and alcoholic beverages, to prevent illegal parties in rural areas and to control leisure areas that register a greater influx of people, with included perimeter closure of Castaños Street. Despite all the above, the mayor considers that “It is vital that the population as a whole, be aware of the seriousness of the moment we are living in and avoid mass celebrations at any time and any other circumstance that may pose a risk of contagion ”. González recalled that, as has been revealed in the coordination meeting with the Generalitat, “mass parties are not allowed, nor the opening of dance, karaoke or music venues, and that music bars can only to function as cafeterias, following the schedules and health indications established by the Generalitat ”.

The Councilor for Security has insisted that “any measure taken by the City Council needs the maximum collaboration of the citizens and that is why I strongly ask the residents of Alicante to limit their mobility as much as possible on December 31 and that any meeting they hold is limited to the strictest family environment, never exceeding the maximum number of six people ”. In the meeting held this morning of the municipal security officials, including Alicante Security Councilor José Ramón González, the importance of adopting very strict control measures was reiterated, taking into account the risk situation that, the celebration of the End of Year, you can generate. To this end, the validity of the last two Resolutions issued by the Department of Health relating to this matter, and which include the prohibitions and limitations on leisure:

Parties are forbidden

The use of hospitality establishments is limited to table service, both inside the premises and outside, with capacity limitations of ⅓ inside, and 50% outside. This the use of dance floors, and music, dj’s, and other elements that are not strictly table service. Only, and exclusively, you can stay indoors and outdoors while consuming sitting. The premises may only serve or provide restaurant and hotel services compatible with their license or authorization. Consequently, the Generalitat has requested from the Local Police, the maximum control to comply with said measures and that they act with all forcefulness in cases of non-compliance.

The councilor recalled that the Alicante City Council anticipated these recommendations by designing a Safety and Control Shock Plan that was announced yesterday. “Tomorrow the 31st, throughout the day, this control and the assurance of compliance with these standards will be intensified to the maximum. I want to warn, given that there is knowledge of the announcement of different events that could contravene the restrictions, that the maximum severity will be acted upon in the event of non-compliance, and parties that violate health safety regulations will be dissolved and suspended. I believe, as the mayor said yesterday, that we cannot risk further restrictions and that this is not the time to celebrate New Year’s Eve or “New Years Eve.” It is the moment of responsibility, to exercise extreme caution and not to put at risk our health or that of our loved ones”.

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