Friday, December 4

The Alicante Corporation en bloc endorses the Edificant Plan despite criticism from the controller

Protest in favor of El Somni

Protest in favor of El Somni

Unanimously. The municipal corporation en bloc this Friday joined the initiative of the bipartisan to accept the delegation of powers for the construction of the new El Somni school in PAU 2. The six groups of the City Council voted in favor of the opinion of the Commission for Social and Cultural Affairs, prior to its vote in the extraordinary plenary session next Thursday or in the ordinary one on November 26. The forecast is that the works can be tendered during the next year and that end in 2023. In 2021, it is expected to invest 185,000 euros for the drafting of the project and the start of actions that will be completed between 2022 (2.3 million) and 2023 (3.3 million euros of investment).

The support of the entire opposition comes just one day after the mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala (PP), announced during the Debate on the State of the City that he was going to unblock the construction of the school, saving the inspector’s objections. That decision by Barcala, which he maintained this Friday, may end the judicialized matter, since the high official has legal tools at his disposal to defend his position, how to file a contentious-administrative appeal before the courts.

Barcala, as confirmed to this newspaper on Thursday, plans to sign a decree “shortly” to «Save the objections» that the high official puts, contrary to the City assuming jobs that -under its criteria- should be left in the hands of officials of the Department of Education. And it will, according to the mayor, in an unpublished decision in Alicante, based on reports from the Legal Department of the City Council and the General Secretariat. «It is a legal procedure. Faced with an objection, the only alternative is to save it, and only the mayor can do it »the councilor said on Friday.

Despite the bipartisan attempts to make the auditor change his criteria, the senior official remains firm. This is reflected in the inspection report that is included in the file addressed in committee. For the head of Intervention, “there is no doubt that the application of the decree will improve the budgetary stability of the Generalitat, because it transfers part of the burdens to the municipalities without all the resources to support them.” The auditor maintains that “resources are manifestly insufficient because they do not cover indirect costs”, alluding to the funds transferred by the Ministry for the construction of the special education college, budgeted at 5.7 million. “It is clearly wrong to state that indirect costs are not increased by assuming a new competence,” adds the auditor in reference to the work that the municipal staff has to assume.

Questioned by the continuous clashes of the municipal government of Alicante with the controller, the mayor denied that he was considering dismissing him, as Castedo did at the end of 2012: “Absolutely. We can disagree, but the auditor for me is a guarantee. That I save a specific objection does not mean questioning the auditor, who has my full support.

The PSOE and Vox give Barcala air for the new 2020 budget adjustment

The Socialists propose a fund of 20 million euros to boost economic recovery

The PSOE and Vox, with their abstention in the Finance Commission prior to the extraordinary plenary session next Thursday, they give air to the bipartisan of Barcala compared to the fourth adjustment of the 2020 municipal budget, valued at almost 12 million euros. United Podemos and Compromís were positioned in the “no” vote, which has not yet closed its vote in plenary. It will depend on a meeting that they have requested with the government team before the plenary session, in which they hope to know details of the decalogue of proposals that they sent last summer to include – without success – in this modification of credits. From the purple coalition they insist on their criticism: “It does not include any of the items that United We can consider essential”. The Socialists, for their part, propose the creation of a financing fund with an initial amount of 20 million euros to promote the recovery of the city’s economy.

The project to modify the accounts – the fourth one promoted in just half a year of validity – includes two million for the supply of surgical masks and for the reinforcement of the cleaning of schools, 656,134 euros to face the urbanization of the Partial Plan APA9, 4,811,068 euros for the urban transport deficit and 4,219,645 euros to assume a sentence for expropriations.

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