Tuesday, November 30

The Alicante Police beat a record by imposing more than 200 complaints and dissolving 33 parties in one day

The Alicante Local Police device to monitor the compliance with the rules of the alarm state has beaten record this weekend by imposing a total of 213 complaints throughout the day on Saturday, as reported by sources from the Department of Security. More than half were due to alcohol consumption and not being together and breaking curfew, although the realization of a greater number of large bottles and parties in homes, a total of 33, while some establishments were sanctioned for excess of watchmen.

Throughout the day, the agents took 25 minutes at checkpoints and patrols of people who they did not wear the mandatory mask and 16 to individuals who they were in groups. There were also five other cases of drug possession, and two other individuals punished for urinating on public roads.

To cope with alcohol consumption and parties, the Local Police reinforced the device with dozens of agents from the Fox and Goir units, who had to carry out particularly intense work during the afternoon. 14 bottles were dissolved, in which there were more than a hundred people. The performance ended with 55 complaints for being in groups and for alcohol consumption on public roads, and the drinks were seized. The operation, according to sources from the Department of Security, was especially complicated, trying to avoid mass meetings of young people after the closure of the establishments as happened last weekend. For this reason, the police agents began to dissolve the groups that were beginning to form and surrounded and guarded the La Ereta park, which managed to disperse the young people.

The 14 bottles, all of them dissolved between the closing of the bars at 6:00 p.m. and the curfew at 10:00 p.m., were located in very different points of the city, intervening in the Mirador de la Tintorera, the Camino del Faro, La Cala La Palmera, the castles of San Fernando and Santa Bárbara, La Ereta park, Postiguet and Almadraba beaches, Ciudad de la Luz, Mero, Océano, Marrajo and Francisco Cano streets and Niza avenue, among other points .

Also, 33 parties were dissolved in total. In the afternoon there were 16 complaints of noise and parties, and at night there were intervened in 17 more, reported by individuals. They got in the way 35 noise complaints and for breaching the prohibition of non-cohabiting people together without masks, in addition to generating annoyances and noise to the neighbors. The council recalls, in this sense, that in homes and spaces for private use, only family and social gatherings of people who belong to the same nucleus or group of coexistence are allowed, both inside and outside.

Call to responsibility

The Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, has made an appeal to the population because “it is the moment to show that we are responsible and we are aware with maximum loyalty because the reality is that the virus is lethal, the infections are real and the deaths are there ”. Likewise, he regretted the attitude that “a group of the society of young and not so young people is having, who challenge the covid with bottles and illegal private parties every weekend. putting everyone else’s health at risk, and becoming vectors of contagion that can cause a new wave now that we are already with vaccinations and we see the end of the pandemic ”.

In relation to the dissolved parties, González has thanked and valued the work of the Local Police, highlighting that it is “Exceptional and very effective” the work being carried out “to protect ourselves every day and of which we are very proud, after more than a year of pandemic.” The mayor added that “they are proving to be at a high level of professionalism with an important deployment to prevent outbreaks and new infections of the virus.”

On the other hand, an extensive traffic surveillance device, with controls at the entrances to the city and the beaches and another two on Avenida de País Scandinavos and on Pintor Xavier Soler. In total there have been 46 breathalyzer tests, with the result of ten people denounced for driving under the influence of alcohol, instructing four judicial acts and another four administrative ones. It has also been denounced as well as 16 people denounced for not having a driving license, not having the last ITV, driving without insurance, driving looking at the mobile, not wearing seat belts or skipping traffic lights, among others.

Along with these interventions, the Local Police deployed surveillance and inspections to enforce the capacity in the hotel and restaurant establishments. Five locals were reported due to an excess of night watches, and was alerted to the presence of many people who were not wearing the mask even though they were not using at that time. The agents asked for compliance with this preventive measure that, recalls the council, not only is it mandatory to abide by but also helps to prevent infections.

Night curfew device

During the night, the Local Police intervened on public roads with people who moved without justification after 10 pm in vehicles, raising a total of 24 minutes for non-compliance with the state of alarm. At 10:30 p.m., the officers launched a search engine to locate a vehicle that was conducting abnormal and reckless driving through the city, after receiving several complaints that alerted to the presence of a vehicle, with several occupants, circulating through various streets of the San Gabriel neighborhood making skidding.

After several Local Police patrols immediately went to the area, said vehicle was located intercepting it by a patrol at the height of Colombia Street. The agents proceeded to carry out a toxic test on the driver, giving a positive result for the presence of drugs in the body. On the other hand, both the driver and the passengers were denounced for breach of the curfew and in relation to the vehicle, it was taken to the municipal depot.


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