Friday, December 4

The Alicante Police dissolve five parties and imposes 38 complaints during the night for failing to comply with the state of alarm

Traffic control carried out by the Local Police of Alicante on Avenida de Dénia.

Traffic control carried out by the Local Police of Alicante on Avenida de Dénia.

The Alicante Local Police dissolved last night five parties in houses and sanctioned a local leisure, and imposed a total of 38 complaints For failing to comply with the state of alarm and the regulations decreed by the Government to stop the covid-19 pandemic, such as the curfew, the use of masks, closing times, capacity and the smoking ban, as reported by this Sunday sources from the Department of Security.

The agents of the unit of the Night Service, Traffic and Crowds organized a static traffic control, on Avenida de Dénia, between 00:00 and 01:30, where the agents checked documentation of drivers and vehicles. Nine complaints were filed for breaching the curfew, as they could not justify these displacements. In addition, three drivers tested positive for breathalyzer; In one of these complaints, the corresponding report was made for a crime against traffic safety.

In addition, a traffic surveillance and discipline operation was deployed, carrying out various alcohol tests in various entrances and streets of the city, as well as on the beaches. A total of eight drivers were reported for driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding violations, not having passed the ITV or lacking a driving license, among others. Among the most important interventions, a accident between a passenger and a moped, which occurred at 11:40 p.m. on Avenida de Jaime I. It was found that the driver of the moped lacked permission driving, as well as the presence of drugs in his body, and the corresponding proceedings were instructed for a crime against road safety that were sent to the Guard court.

Likewise, at 11:00 p.m. another judicial complaint was filed against a man who was abnormally driving a car on the street of the Theater, verifying that exceeded the allowed rate. Finally, the Police also detected two other positive for breathalyzer in two controls carried out at 1:20 on Doctor Jiménez Díaz street, and at 1:45 on Parcent street. In both cases, the vehicles were removed and legal complaints were filed.

Breaches of alarm status

The Fox, Goir and Night Service units of the Local Police dissolved five parties in homes, as a result of complaints from individuals, which were generating annoyances and noise to the neighbors. In addition, throughout the night, nine more minutes were filed for non-compliance with the curfew for people who walked down the street without justification, one for urinating on public roads on Avenida de las Naciones and one document for non-compliance with the Law Citizen Security for drug use-possession.

The Local Police also maintains the reinforcement operation to control of capacity and vigilance in the use of mask. Last night, four minutes were imposed for not wearing the mandatory face mask on the public highway and two minutes for the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and in the surveillance of the establishments, a hospitality establishment in the Sergio Cardell Sports Glorieta was reported for not respecting the distance between tables and customers.

The Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, recalled that “the police inspect and reinforce the devices every weekend with special surveillance in preventing that the security measures are fulfilled, the distances and preventing and dissolving the bottles and parties that are prohibited to avoid contagion of covid ”. At the same time, he celebrated that “we are verifying that citizen awareness is exemplary and the majority respect the measures against the pandemic, the collaboration of the hospitality and leisure sector is maximum and in recent weekends the celebration of illegal bottles and parties in houses ”.

Assistance for injured persons

On the other hand, the Local Police agents also helped two citizens who were injured last night. The first intervention took place at the Albufereta TRAM station with a minor who had a head injury. The health service was alerted to be treated immediately. Likewise, the Alicante Police and Fire Brigades intervened to help a 91-year-old person who had fallen to the floor of his home, on Teatro Street, and was unable to get up. The agents required the intervention of the Firefighters to access the ladder vehicle to their home through the balcony.

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