Tuesday, May 18

The alleged murderer of his wife and daughter in Madrid had weapons and a hunting license

The El Molar home where the double murder took place.

The El Molar home where the double murder took place.

The man who allegedly he killed his wife and 10-year-old daughter In the Madrid town of El Molar and set fire to the house before committing suicide, he had two firearms at home and had a hunting license, sources of the investigation have informed Efe.

This Wednesday the autopsies are scheduled to be carried out on the three bodies that were found yesterday by the firefighters of the Community of Madrid after a fire in the house is located on a dirt road, called Arroyo Cárdenas Road, which leaves from kilometer 38 of the Burgos highway (A-1).

The Government Delegation against Gender Violence collects data on the alleged murder by sexist violence of a 47-year-old woman and her 11-year-old daughter.

If the sexist nature of the crime is confirmed, it would be the fifth murder due to gender violence in 2021 and the number 1,083 since the statistics began to be compiled in 2003; just like him first murder of a minor due to gender violence in 2021 and number 38 since 2013.

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has reiterated that we must continue to fight tirelessly against gender violence because “it is intolerable” in a democracy.

“Shocked by the murder of a woman and her daughter in El Molar. All my love for your family. We must continue to tirelessly fight violence against women and their children. It is intolerable that this happens in a democracy, “the minister wrote on Twitter.

Forensic evidence will determine what happened in the El Molar plot, although the first investigations indicate that the man, called Fausto, 48-year-old Spaniard, allegedly shot both his wife, Mary Cruz, a 47-year-old Paraguayan, and their daughter, Isabel, 10 years old, with shots to the chest on Monday night.

On Tuesday morning the alleged murderer wanted to burn down the house and then committed suicide, since he was found with a gunshot wound to the face.

The firefighters extinguished the fire that was very localized in three rooms: the kitchen and two bedrooms. In the subsequent search of the house they found the three bodies.

The alleged murderer had two firearms at home, one of them a shotgun, for which he had a license since he was a hunter.

This man had no previous complaints of sexist violence and nothing was listed in the VioGen database related to him or his partner, according to sources from the investigation.

The Civil Guard has taken over the investigations and, for now,, does not rule out any hypothesis, although the indications point to a new case of sexist violence.

The event has caused great consternation in El Molar among the neighbors, who have acknowledged being in “shock” after learning of the death of a family “of ten”, since they had never caused problems, and she was there “when she was needed”, neighbors have told the media.

The mayor of El Molar, Yolanda Sanz, he “deeply regretted the loss of three human lives.” “We have put all the means of the Consistory at the disposal of the Civil Guard, Local Police and the rest of the security forces and bodies in order to clarify what happened as soon as possible,” he said in statements sent to the media.


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