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The alleged murderer of Marta Calvo is transferred to a Castellón prison

Jorge Ignacio PJ, the day he was taken to the search of his house in Manuel, in December 2019.

Jorge Ignacio PJ, the day he was taken to the search of his house in Manuel, in December 2019.
Vicent M. Pastor

The alleged serial killer Jorge Ignacio PJ, accused of the murders of Marta Calvo, Lady Marcela Vargas and Arliene Ramos and of the attempted murders of eight other women, is no longer in the Valencian prison of Picassent. Since last August 26, he has lived in the Albocàsser prison, in Castellón, where he was transferred from the Valencian prison “for security reasons“, after starring in two serious incidents.

Initially, the management of the Picassent prison intended to send him to the Villena prison, and so informed the investigating judge number 20 of Valencia, responsible for the case with a jury against the inmate, but, once the judicial approval was obtained , Penitentiary Institutions changed the third and managed the transfer to the Castellón prison.

The origin of this relocation lies in several recent controversies in which it has been involved. The first was conceived at the beginning of summer, when an elderly inmate whose cell he ended up in when he was taken out of the infirmary denounced that Jorge Ignacio was making his life impossible, with humiliation, humiliation and constant mistreatment.

Automatically, those in charge of the Picassent penitentiary took Jorge Ignacio PJ out of the cell to avoid any contact with his companion and moved him to another module, with low conflict like the previous one.

That was not going to end the matter. A few days after his arrival at the new department, the alleged serial killer asked the officials for protection because, He stated that two inmates had approached him in the courtyard and, after telling him “we know who you are, you are the one who killed Marta Calvo”, they had attacked him. The injuries were minor and did not even require his transfer to the hospital, but the prison management had to remove him from that module again.

As a result of this incident, Jorge Ignacio PJ asked those responsible for the prison to avail themselves of article 75.2 of the prison regulations, which provides for subjecting an inmate to a special life regime in order to “safeguard the life or physical integrity of the inmate“In practice, it means allowing him to be alone in a cell, to go out unaccompanied to the patio, not to share the dining room … That is, a quiet life.

The regulations allow, in the third section of that article 75, an alternative route: the transfer of the inmate. And that is why the prison management has chosen, with the support of the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions, after a reasoned agreement of the Board of Directors to support, as the norm says, “the transfer of the inmate to another establishment of similar characteristics to enable the lifting of the regimental limitations required by the insurance of his person “.

Constant conflict

Since entering the Picassent prison, Jorge Ignacio PJ has maintained a constant: avoid the modules and take refuge in the Infirmary. And he got it. After a first compulsory passage – and short, usually one month – through the health department, as happens with all those who have just entered, he was assigned to a module with very low conflict, 9.

It did not take long for him to say that he had been threatened and that he felt unsafe. Doctors advised his re-entry into the infirmary and, against all logic, managed to stay in it for more than a year and a half, something absolutely exceptional for someone who was not ill, nor an ordinance —prisoners of highest confidence with job duties—, nor was he immersed in a suicide prevention program.

When those responsible for the center noticed this, his case was discussed with the medical deputy director and, finally, it was decided that there was no reason for him to continue enjoying that ‘benefit’ and his transfer to an ordinary module – the 7th – was decreed. with preventive inmates for minor crimes or convicted with very short sentences, that is, no conflict.

Even so, as soon as he entered, he asked to speak to the officials, arguing that, according to him, an inmate had given him a warning about his physical integrity. Despite the lack of credibility of the accusation, the prison was forced to open an internal investigation, which was closed without consequences, but the alleged murderer had already achieved his objective: to change the module. He returned to 9, where he settled down until his cellmate denounced the mistreatment to which he was subjected on a daily basis, which has ended up leading to his transfer to Albocàsser.

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