Thursday, August 5

The Altabix residence in Elche requires PCR for all users before disinfection and alerts that there is nowhere to isolate them

The Altabix Residence for the Elderly, in Elche.

The Altabix Residence for the Elderly, in Elche.
antonio amorós

The Association for the Law of the Elderly has just released a statement on the situation in which they live, in part already explained this morning by INFORMATION. They assure that it does not make sense that tomorrow a disinfection is carried out if there is no guarantee that all people, users and staff are negative (yesterday, 15 more users appeared as positive, which are added to the eight detected on December 29 and another more on January 5). In total, there are 104 users, with which practically 25% have the covid. In the letter they add that there is only one nurse, that the situation is very critical and that the Ministry of Health is giving them long. Today there has been no statement from any administration on this matter. The group has filed a complaint in the guard court today.

For your interest, we reproduce in full the letter that you sent to the media a few minutes ago.

That in the face of the abandonment to which our Public Health Residence and the Ministry of Health have been sentenced, who have been repeatedly asked from the Residence Management and from the Association, that the PCR should be repeated on the elderly for having been being cared for by the 15 workers who tested positive, the concessionary company La Saleta Care SL, carried out yesterday evening on January 9 antigen testing of residents, and these have yielded a total of 15 more positives among residents. So in total there are now 24 positives among residents and 15 among workers. This amounts to a total of 39 positives. It goes without saying that the test should now also be repeated for workers who were clean and who have been caring for those 15 new residents who were not isolated, so the current data does not fully match reality because we do not know if there are more workers positive because they are not made wrongly at all (workers and residents) at the same time. The Association has processed, with some help from the mayor, the disinfection of the Residence by a unit dependent on the UME and tomorrow, January 11, according to Lieutenant Jorge Sánchez Carcelén of the Regiment of Nuclear, Biological and Defense Defense. Chemist will appear in the same. But from ADBAR We consider it vital that this disinfection must be after retesting all workers or we will never close this outbreak and the consequences can be very serious. We believe that with all that it has cost for the personnel of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Regiment to come, AN URGENT TEST SHOULD BE DONE TODAY BEFORE ALL THE WORKERS ARE DISINFECTEDI know because otherwise, we’re never going to end this. There are workers who were “clean” who have been caring for positive residents and who may have been infected and can endanger those who are currently negative. The situation is very critical. We do not have health personnel. A single nurse is caring for 104 residents and there is no replacement for them. The risk of contagion for residents who are negative today is very high. At the Residence they lack physical space to isolate and human and material resources, and we fear for their lives. We again urge the Ministry of Health to intervene in this Residence, but given the abandonment and disappointment due to the inactivity of the Councils for Equality and Inclusive Policies, the Ministry of Health, Public Health, the concessionaire company and the City Council of Elche in the face of such difficult circumstances, today January 10, after a telematic meeting of the Association, we have gone to the Courts of Elche to file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office of this area, although this judicial body already has in its possession the report that the Ombudsman in his day.

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