Thursday, May 26

The Amazing Reasons We Move Our Hands When We Talk

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minuscule meat

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According to the RAE, shredding is “undoing something by dividing it into small parts”, but that is not what we generally answer.

Have you ever been asked what shredding is and your answer made the person who asked you laugh?

It is an irresistible classic that even has reserved spaces in social networks, as in the videos of the #crumblechallenge of TikTok, in which countless people are seen verifying that sometimes it is easier to express themselves with gestures than with words.

And it is that this connection between the mouth and the hands goes back to our origins, and no matter how evolved we think we are, what we learned at that time is still present.

“Humans are very gestural creatures,” Dr. Gillian Forester, an evolutionary and developmental psychologist at the Birkbeck School at the University of London, told the BBC’s CrowdScience program.

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