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The amazing Zhongshuge Chinese bookstores: a show of books and reflections on a par with the best monuments in the world

Almost futuristic bookcases, with reflections that create an amazing vision and an architecture at the height of the best avant-garde constructions. Are the amazing zhongshuge book stores in chinadesigned by the X+Living studio.

For all those who are passionate about books, here we show you what they are like inside. As you can now see through the images provided by Archello, they are authentic cathedrals full of books, with sinuously shaped columns and multiple sets of mirrors to make them appear larger than they already are.

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge

In the remote city of Dujiangyan, this unusual book store was opened. Dujiangyan Zhongshuge recalls the best essence of Escher. A kind of cathedral with more than 80,000 books where reflections are constant.

With its 973 square meters, Dujiangyan Zhongshuge is one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world and a sight to see. The columns of books are tall, but thanks to the use of mirrors they seem to be much taller. A visual delight that you can see below.

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge 1

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge 2

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge 3

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge 4

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge 5

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge 6

Chongqing Zhongshuge

Chongqing Zhongshuge is located between the third and fourth floors of Zodi Plaza. It is a book store with rectangular lines and where the lighting and lamps play an important role. We are in front of a bookstore that invites you to read in calm spaces.

The store has a cafeteria and a play area for children, with a colorful aesthetic and again a large mirror to recreate the reflections that the X-Living design team likes so much.

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Chongqing Zhongshuge 1

Chongqing Zhongshuge 2

Chongqing Zhongshuge 3

Chongqing Zhongshuge 4

Chongqing Zhongshuge 5

Chongqing Zhongshuge 6

Chongqing Zhongshuge 7

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Chengdu Zhongshuge

In the Yintai Center is the Chengdu Zhongshuge Bookstore. A space with a more modern aesthetic that mimics nature. From a sea of ​​dunes to a bamboo forest, passing through a forest of large mushrooms in the children’s book area.

Chengdu Zhongshuge 1

Chengdu Zhongshuge 2

Chengdu Zhongshuge 3

Chengdu Zhongshuge 4

Chengdu Zhongshuge 5

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shenzhen zhongshuge

In the Chinese technological capital is Shenzhen Zhongshuge, a book store where the great protagonist is a huge spiral staircase that is actually a bookshelf on the floor full of books. When customers enter the store they can see through it, as if it were a spiral of time.

Shenzhen Zhongshuge 1

Shenzhen Zhongshuge 2

Shenzhen Zhongshuge 3

Shenzhen Zhongshuge 4

Shenzhen Zhongshuge 5

Guiyang Zhongshuge

Guiyang Zhongshuge’s exterior is a large stained-glass window, but the interior is a bookstore with an old-fashioned wooden aesthetic. The designers here have tried recreate a cave of bookswith mountains of books, columns that hang like stalactites and tunnels through which a river could well pass but there are books and counters.

Guiyang Zhongshuge1

Guiyang Zhongshuge2

Guiyang Zhongshuge3

Guiyang Zhongshuge4

Guiyang Zhongshuge5

Beijing Zhongshuge

Within the renowned Lafayette shopping centers is the Beijing Zhongshuge. We are facing a book store with open spaces, clear lighting and “doors of the Moon” that indicate the way. Like the Shenzhen store, this store features large circular arches to guide customers throughout the space.

Beijing Zhongshuge 1

Beijing Zhongshuge 2

Beijing Zhongshuge 3

Beijing Zhongshuge 4

Beijing Zhongshuge 5

Beijing Zhongshuge 6

Minhang Zhongshuge

A store that once again bets on dim lighting, dark walls and the ever-present reflections to create stunning silhouettes. Minhang Zhongshuge promises “to be not only a bookstore but also a space for the soul”. The idea of ​​these stores is not only to offer texts, but to become a kind of “sanctuary” where customers and readers “can be intoxicated by the beauty of the store.”

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Minhang Zhongshuge 1

Minhang Zhongshuge 2

Minhang Zhongshuge 3

Minhang Zhongshuge 4

Minhang Zhongshuge 5

Hangzhou Zhongshuge

In the Hangzhou Zhongshuge stands out the children’s area, which is also a recreational area. We have a playground based on books, but also with a merry-go-round, a roller coaster, hot air balloons and even a pirate ship.

Hangzhou Zhongshuge 1

Hangzhou Zhongshuge 2

Hangzhou Zhongshuge 3

yangzhou zhongshuge

This fantastic Chinese bookstore seems transport us to another dimension with its book tunnel. With an aesthetic similar to that of Guiyang, the Yangzhou Zhongshuge takes advantage of the play of mirrors and curved shelves for an arch-shaped visual effect. The result is a fascinating tunnel of knowledge that we can walk through.

Designed by the same Shanghai studio XL-Muse and built in 2016, they explain that the zig-zag design is inspired by the Yangtze River, which runs close to this magnificent bookstore.

Yangzhou Zhongshuge 1

Yangzhou Zhongshuge 2

Yangzhou Zhongshuge 3

Yangzhou Zhongshuge 4

Yangzhou Zhongshuge 5

Yangzhou Zhongshuge 6

Images | Archello X+Living

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