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The American Rescue Plan and the Latino community

A single mother with a young son who earns minimum wage could see an increase in her income. /File

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Last March, President Joe Biden enacted the American Rescue Plan (American Rescue Plan), which promises to improve the lives of many millions of Americans when they need it most.

“The Plan will benefit many members and families in our community,” says Ingrid Álvarez DiMarzo, Vice President of Public Policy for the Hispanic Federation. “The direct aid payments of $ 1,400, for example, are a great help, as is the expansion of the Income and Child Tax Credits (Earned Income y Child Tax Credits); the extension of unemployment benefits; greater access to food benefits, Obamacare and workers’ pensions ”.

At the Hispanic Federation we have compiled a list of the most important elements of the Plan so that our community better understand all that it offers. In this and other future columns I will inform you in detail about the Plan.

Let’s start with direct payments to millions of Americans. who provide immediate help to families who are bearing the brunt of this crisis. For that, the American Rescue Plan allocates close to a trillion (or a billion) dollars to the economic recovery of working families.

A single mother with a young son who earns minimum wage, for example, could see an increase in her income, from about $ 7.25 to about $ 11 an hour.

“The Plan assigns 1,400 dollars to each member of the working family,” adds Ingrid Álvarez DiMarzo. “More than 85 percent of the families will receive checks. These will include dependent adults for the first time. That means that a low- or middle-income family of four will have an additional $ 5,600 available. “

As I mentioned, the Plan extends unemployment insurance eligibility and benefits until September 6, which has prevented an estimated 11 million Americans from receiving those benefits. In addition, the Plan provides a supplement of $ 300 per week.

“A very valuable provision for many Latino families,” adds Ingrid Álvarez, “is emergency assistance to pay back rent. The pandemic took a toll on our community’s jobs and finances, and many people lost their homes. The Plan offers crucial support so that this does not continue to happen ”.

But the American Rescue Plan is not limited to helping tenants, since through a Homeowners Assistance Fund it offers relief to those who have difficulties with paying mortgages and services, such as electricity, gas , fuel for heating.

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-Frankie Miranda is the president of the Hispanic Federation

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